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Hello stranger, friend, or archnemesis. This is just a list of some things I enjoy and some things to know about my account.

Note: The ones marked "♡" are my current favorites.


Just some stuff to consider:

  • This serves as both my personal and fandom account. I occasionally tweet stuff that aren’t fandom-related. I also rant at times.
  • I talk a LOT about my current obsessions. I have ADHD and will hyperfixate on a piece of media for weeks on end. Feel free to mute if you need to!
  • I do art, but I don't post finished works here. Sometimes I post WIPs.
  • I don't tweet/RT NSFW but I interact with suggestive posts. I refrain from liking explicit images.
  • I’m awkward but friendly. Feel free to interact anytime! DMs are open, I’ll gladly listen if you want someone to talk to.
  • Just be a nice person, thank you. :)
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