• 백현 唯粉. 小螃蟹, alaso ♡
    • TFBOYS ∙ 一代 王俊凯
    • 时代少年团 ∙ 双担 丁程鑫, 宋亚轩; 好感 rest
    • TF家族 ∙ 朱志鑫, 张峻豪
      • circle: xu kai, yu shuxin, ding yuxi, zhao lusi, linyi, ju jingyi
      • 好感: oynn, zhang zifeng, imada mio, hirano sho, mackenyu, yamazaki kento, hirose suzu, shen yue, wu qian, cheng xiao, xing fei, yyqx, wang yuan, xu mengjie, chen zheyuan, etc.
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sep 12 2021 +


  • guofeng music, tv shows/dramas, anime, danmei (tgcf)
  • reading (physical books), ao3 fic, webtoons, journaling, writing, blogging
  • general c-ent/actors, guzhuang dramas, shipping cp
  • period films + cinematography
  • walks, libraries, book stores, art, sanrio, douyin
  • c-pop 18楼 and others, sometimes listen to k-pop and j-pop as well
  • occasional star chasing. casual idols fan unless they're sdfj, i stan actors more
      • i ship all sorts of drama/anime cp (rationally), i don't care what you think
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      • "An idea danced at the back of my mind, spurred by the gleam in his eyes, the half smile lurking at the corners of his mouth. Could it be that this light made everyone lovely, including me? That would explain his rapt attention, and the stillness that seemed to envelop the two of us. It felt like the universe was holding its breath, waiting for something to happen" (Sellet, 191).
aug 21 2021 ∞
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