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zyuo follows:

characters · earnest and devoted to a fault · caretaker types in general · people in love who pretend they're not · someone with 'i’d want to be felled by you, held by you, fuel the pyre of your enemies' energy · many thoughts, no self-preservation instincts · leaders · brightness hiding deep fears

concepts · “the usual struggle between one who loves by accepting burdens and one who loves by refusing to be one” · silent comforts · height/size difference · ice & fire/sun & moon themes · everything is connected/One Big Loop · caretaker types being appreciated & cared for in return. especially if the shift in dynamic is equal parts embarrassing and endearing · tried killing each other at least twice - once bound by duty, once where they wavered · reluctant allies working together for a common goal, and their slow descent into chaos · “sound the cannons” “are we attacking?” “i just want him to know i'm here” · lovers to enemies · knife to the throat · they hate each other but trust the other with their life in battle · mutual grief · mutual ambition · mutual healing · casual drops of familiarity as both a claim and a warning

cooking as love language · homemade packed meals · comfort food: food that gets you through hangovers, heartbreak, homesickness · A making B’s favorite food exactly how B likes it while the others go ?? esp if A & B are estranged (with tons of emotional baggage to resolve) and a concerned outsider floats the risk of poisoning/stabbing/death by fire/death by excessive salting. the meal as duty. as show of trust. as apology · feasts vs. tradition, identity, community

real or not real / coping when caught between fiction and reality · canonfic/extrapolations of canon esp of quieter or smaller moments · stage names · limits to limitless concepts · training systems · reality shows · lost potential · leader responsibilities · emotions as product · smothered by company-assigned, focus group-tested initial persona

nct aus · ncmentary/diad/t7s/limitless (sci-fi/dreamshare), · boss (crime/spies/politics) · simon says/superhuman (sci-fi/superheroes) · nct x pacific rim

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