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nct notes n wips

zyuo follows:
  • nct, gintama, dunmeshi, loona, gk, hxh, batfam, rv


  • sensible, earnest, devoted to a fault
  • unconventional & unpredictable (sweet, could wring someone dry without lifting a finger)
  • caretaker types in general
  • someone w 'i’d want to be felled by you, held by you, fuel the pyre of your enemies' energy


  • silent comforts
  • ncmentary/diad/t7s/limitless (sci-fi/dreamshare), boss (heist/politics), simon says/superhuman (sci-fi/superhero)
  • ai & robotics
  • caretaker types being appreciated & cared for in return
    • especially if the one fussing over them doesn’t normally do so (or it appears to look that way bc they're emotionally compromised) and the shift in dynamic is equal parts embarrassing and endearing
  • people who are in love but have to pretend they're not
  • enemies to lovers
    • they tried killing each other at least twice - one where they meant it, one where they wavered
    • enemies obliged to work together for a common goal, and their slow descent into chaos
    • h!av's nemesis comic esp “sound the cannons” “are we attacking?” “i just want him to know i'm here”
    • lovers to enemies
  • hair and fashion as stories
    • identity-concealing pieces esp masks and gloves
    • hair color & movement
    • mv/era by outfits
    • black lace
  • ice & fire/sun & moon themes
  • cooking as love language
    • act of service that requires significant time, patience, and trust
    • homemade packed meals
    • comfort food: food that gets you through hangovers, heartbreak, homesickness
    • A making B’s favorite dish exactly how B likes it while the others look at them and r like How?? What History Don’t We Know? bonus if A & B are now estranged (with tons of emotional baggage to resolve) and a concerned outsider floats the risk of poisoning/stabbing/death by fire/death by excessive salting. the meal as duty. the meal as trust. the meal as apology,,,,,,,,
    • feasts vs. tradition, identity, community
  • real or not real, or coping when caught between fiction and reality
    • idolverse with realistic, industry-influenced turns
    • canonfic/extrapolations of canon esp of quieter or smaller moments
    • stage names
    • limits to limitless concepts
    • survival shows
    • training systems
  • height/size difference
  • Everything Is Connected/One Big Loop


/ 5+1 of sorts

/ for the bees

/ bossmentary

  • the dream lab is real

/ it's my bday but all i got is this pro-dog, anti-kaiju pin from the neo jaeger program

  • going underground for a kaiju cultist that does not exist
  • nct & pacrim: global programs, constant experimentation & evolution, futuristic Big City aesthetic, dream/constructed reality imagery, a focus on teamwork and technology... a related au with ot21 feels nice........... feels impossible. someday, i hope ;;;


  • limitless, t7s, bds, dear dream, back 2 u, whiplash, neo got my back, mfal, chain, no longer, 100, end to start, sun&moon, replay, cherry bomb, run back 2 u, knock on, highway to heaven, dream launch plan, go, drippin’, wakey-wakey, boss, come back, walk you home, another world
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