-I'm a female. -I speak spanish and english fluently. -I'm an introvert person. -When I was younger, my own friends used to say bad things about me. -I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder. -When I was eleven my life was horrible, my grades were flopping plus I started to cut myself to release my emotional pain. -Last year I tried to commit suicide 5 times. -I started to play violin when I was 9. -I really love dogs, and I have one, but he isn't with me at the moment. -I have a bunch of accounts but they ones I'm most active in are: @gayxsaihara @oofwaffles @nagitosleg -I really like to solve puzzles and decode words. -My main fandoms are Danganronpa, Doki doki literature club, Persona and I guess I like Fire Emblem too even though I don't talk a lot about it. -My favorite food is Pizza. -I really love to support my friends.

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