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Listography: preserve your story through your lists and stay inspired.

Visit here for site updates, list ideas, tips and more. Listography is a self-funded project that remains free of advertising. Thank you for supporting us.

For the glazomaniacs, try the list topic generator!

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  • 6.13 We have updated the user homepage (we still have some tweaking to do). Overall, we wanted everything below the "about me" box to be lists and to make room for a whole extra column of lists --now there's three. This is in preparation for something fun we're working on for the future. We know change is hard...but hopefully you'll love that all your lists are in one area and all else is above.
  • 2.13 We have updated how we do list images on our website. You can now combine IMAGES + TEXT on photo lists. It's not perfect but we're getting there! Eventually we'll let you add images from other websites to your lists steps! Note: PLEASE update your iPhone app when prompted. You won't be able to add images via your iPhone just yet...but we're working on that next.
  • 11.11 site maintenance, removed spaces be...
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Thank you for your site suggestions. We take everything to heart, and when time permits, we hope to add these features to our web application.

  • website image grab tool
  • android app
  • being able to label your folders
  • being able to change the color of every list
  • connect to facebook & twitter
  • following/followers
  • like or follow a list (outside of the current rss)
  • private accounts
  • selectively turn off commenting
  • auto-save feature
  • listography widget
  • browser plug in / bookmarklet
  • timeline view
  • app for other applications
  • background image stretch vs tile
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[android app: we hear you! we're looking into it and hope to make progress soon! thank you for all the requests!]

We fund Listography ourselves with no ads so please accept our apologies that we cannot offer a free app and thank you for the support. Leave comments to request a feature for the iPhone app.

Feature Requests

  • social features: comments, viewing other's listographies
  • iPad app
  • Android & Blackberry app

Updates: Jan 2011:

  • Landscape mode
  • Two-finger scrolling no longer necessary when editing
  • Index improvements
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Via tweets, blogs, & emails:

  • On the plus side, it gives me something to add to my listography!
  • This Music Listography book is making me realize how much music is a part of my life.
  • For my memory problems & executive function disorder difficulties, I use Listography.
  • It's unhealthy how much I rely on It's, like, a part of my brain.
  • Bought "My Future Listography" book today and I'm going to fill it out during classes tomorrow. --oh the irony
  • Listography is making me nostalgic. A little space in cyberspace full of memories.
  • I love Listography. It's like the memory I never had.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, listogra...
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Try the list topic generator for inspiration...

  • auto-biographical lists (memories, jobs, people, loves, family)
  • to do lists
  • wish lists
  • catalogue lists (your books, movies, art, etc, collections)
  • top ten lists
  • reference lists (your favorite brunch spots, shops, etc)
  • resource lists (from outside sources: best books of all time, essential jazz albums, etc)
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  • sync your iPhone app after every update you make to avoid conflicts between the server and your iPhone data
  • sync your iPhone app after you make changes to your web listography so your iPhone is up to date
  • new lists are created in the private folder by default
  • logout to keep lists on your phone private
  • try the list topic generator for list ideas
  • please report any bugs to
  • note: you need a account to use the iPhone app
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Visit our guide for formatting info. Make sure you always save long lists as you go in case of glitches! Notice you can create little introductory paragraphs like this.

Choices for your list:

  • color
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