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Preserve your story through your lists and stay inspired. Visit here for site updates, list ideas, tips and more. Listography is a self-funded project that remains free of advertising. Thank you for supporting us.

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  • Our spam detector automatically deletes suspicious accounts. To avoid deletion: MAKE introductory lists, DO NOT link to shady websites, DO NOT create multiple accounts, DO NOT create an account that is AD-like. Suspected spam accounts are deleted within one week and NOT retrievable.


  • Listography is FREE from advertising. Your Listography is a personal tool for your autobiographical story and for reflection. It is your history. WE ARE NOT A CORPORATION. We will not mine, track or sell your data.


  • We are not iPhone snobs but Listography is not a company. We made this site in our spare time outside of our full time jobs. We don't have the resources or time to build an Android App. Maybe someday...


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Via tweets, blogs, & emails:

  • I've had a listography since undergrad. listography was what helped me organize myself enough to finish my ridiculously long bar exam application on extremely short notice! right now, listography has helped me practice 43 consecutive days of yoga and counting, and learn spanish as a third language. my listography isn't very exciting compared to others, but it keeps me going and I think that's really important. plus, I still have my old listography accounts and I still like to read stuff like, "things i'm looking for in a boyfriend" from when I was 20 haha. it's a great way to look foward—and back!
  • listography has got me through some tough times over the past few years. I discovered you guys when I was fourteen and turned twenty in just under a month, so listography has been a constant in my life all...
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Thank you for your suggestions. We take everything to heart, and when time permits, we hope to add these features to listography.

  • android app (no time but maybe someday)
  • private accounts
  • being able to label your folders
  • download all lists
  • followers visibility
  • like or follow a list (outside of the current rss)
  • selectively turn off commenting
  • being able to change the color of every list
  • auto-save feature
  • listography widget
  • browser plug in / bookmarklet
  • timeline view
  • background image stretch vs tile
  • elaborate search capabilities
  • website image grab tool
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  • sync your iPhone app after every update you make to avoid conflicts between the server and your iPhone data
  • sync your iPhone app after you make changes to your web listography so your iPhone is up to date
  • new lists are created in the private folder by default
  • logout to keep lists on your phone private
  • try the list topic generator for list ideas
  • please report any bugs to
  • note: you need a account to use the iPhone app
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Visit our guide for formatting info. Make sure you always save long lists as you go in case of glitches! Notice you can create little introductory paragraphs like this.

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