Don't follow if

  • You believe there are only two genders.
  • Will refuse to use someone's pronouns
  • I know you outside of the internet, unless I have given you permission
  • You are transphobic, racist, believe in reverse racism.
  • You ship incest/pedophilia for ANY reason.
  • If you ship lesbians with men or gay men with women.

Things to know

  • Do not refer to me as trans in any circumstance. Say I'm Non-binary. NB. ENBY.
  • I rarely tag things on my Twitter due to the limited amount of characters and my tendency to ramble. I try and stay away from most topics I see on a lot of blacklists UNLESS it's on my list of interests. If you are unable to follow me back because of it that's perfectly fine. Does not apply to any site other than Twitter.
  • I am incredibly shy and believe I have some sort of anxiety disorder (Or some other mental illness) that prevents me from most interaction. If you try to talk to me and I don't respond please understand this. I am reluctant to self-dx myself for personal reasons.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong about something or if I am unintentionally doing something bad.
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