• wes anderson
  • jean pierre jeunet
  • richard ayoade
  • bryan fuller
  • baz luhrman (sometimes)


  • sunflowers
  • daffodils
  • daisies


  • pushing daisies
  • wonderfalls


  • true red
  • watermelon pink
  • sunflower yellow
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aug 22 2014 +
  • in memento when leonard says he reads the bible religiously and then does that creepy off kilter laugh that makes you love him
  • at the end of the brothers bloom after (SPOILER) the older brother dies and rachel wiesz is in a field of sunflowers with adrien brody and it's sunny out, before he starts to cry
  • at the end of the double when they're on the bus, just as it hits the credits and 'the sun' starts playing
  • the bus stop scene in totoro & the cat bus scene when they first go inside the cat bus
  • whatever james marsden does with his voice at the end of it's hairspray when he says 'thaaat's me'
  • the blue chateau scene of the double
  • when simon james is running through the fog in the double
aug 22 2014 ∞
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