Written in 2018:

  • Oh, Mood? (Retirement Home AU, one-shot)
  • Continue! (Valentine's Day, one-shot)

To finish:

  • A Dash of Clandestine Excitement (1 more chapter)
  • Living Happens Wherever You Are (1 more chapter)
  • A Twenty in Every Stat (2 more chapters)
  • Instructions to the Driver (5 more chapters)

Proposed projects:

  • Tales from the Sohoku Road Racing Club: Our Last Inter-high
  • You Are My Climber and I'm Your Assist (true conclusion)
  • Arakita in Sohoku AU: Valentine Edition (Makishima is in England, but he sends Tadokoro a package to sneak into Arakita's locker, so he and Kinjou collaborate to surprise Arakita)
  • Childhood Friends AU
  • College AU
  • Retirement Home AU
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