• this is mostly for anyone who would want to be forewarned about some ways I'll act in different shifts!
  • as host (hunter) i'm usually fairly easygoing! i don't use my kin account much if i know i'm shifting host but sometimes i gotta maintain stuff! i'm upbeat with no caps but punctuation is usually good.
  • as dave im usually real chill. dont use caps or punctuation besides periods. as this is most often shifted youll probably see the most of me. my different timelines were a little different but usually im generally chill.
  • as davepeta i dont really use punctuation and if i do its usually exclamation poles bc i love those! ill use text lingo occasionally and no caps, also sometimes i B33 because i enjoy B33ing me! also i think everyone is CUT3 does that sound like terezi?? and i dont really have a complete...
nov 16 2017 ∞
nov 16 2017 +
  • 1st timeline:
  • karkat was a very soft boy, very round
  • to further explain: he was really short and chubby! and super cute. he had a very short temper when i met him but through hanging out my chill sort of rubbed off on him and he settled down a bit. he had a very cute face
  • i was latinx maybe? not white, not cis. i was around average height and also at a comfortable weight by the time the meteor journey was over. when i was little though i was pretty skinny because i never got fed and fought all the time
  • rose needled me all the time about phrasing and everything, but we were usually really good friends and i helped her with her relationship with kanaya!!
  • it was very similar to the retcon timeline, with vriska being alive and all
  • vriska and terezi were pale and red vacil...
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jul 1 2018 +
  • main id: dave (homestuck). most frequently shifted, literally me.
  • others: davepetasprite^2 (homestuck), jade lalonde (homestuck), terezi (you know at this point)
  • questioning: dirk strider (homestuck), michael mell (be more chill), alpha bro (homestuck)
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apr 3 2018 +
  • gonna be real i don't remember much right now!
  • i was bloodswapped definitely that's a thing
  • i owe vriska my life...
  • also Vriska Had A Buzzcut or at least an asymmetrical haircut maybe? she wasn't a scorpio
  • i feel like it was kinda similar to the (vriska) and meenah thing except i was meenah. we were dead though I think. I honestly don't remember 4NYTH1NG about it but it feels valid.
apr 3 2018 ∞
apr 3 2018 +
  • as davesprite, i was pretty depressed. i never really got out much, not enough to date jade anyways. i spent most of the ship ride in radio silence.
  • as soon as i was made into davepeta, I brightened up immensely! I started to realize that I actually thought jade was really cool. never really did take much of a liking to john though, maybe because:
  • we fucked up the final fight pretty badly. we killed lord english, but before the main crew could claim the final reward, they died. some minions of english took them by surprise, and once Jane died defending jake, being heroic, there was no hope. jade was never given the order to stop the dogs (which was a huge mistake on our part), so she just stayed asleep. dave died defending her, back-to-back with john. the minions didn't think she was powerful enough to do anything, so they just le...
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  • hi, i'm Hunter!
  • 14 y/o
  • ftm
  • interests: theater, marching band, drawing
  • favorite food: sushi
  • nice to meet you!
  • oh also i'm real gay
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apr 3 2018 +
  • JSYK!! this listography is under construction. ive found out a lot of new stuff abt myself (im a system, etc) that i need to add but i don’t have enough time to right now. so watch out some of this info is old and dead!
jul 1 2018 ∞
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  • physically, i remember a lot
  • i was fairly thin, with tan skin and thick black hair that fell to about the middle of my back
  • i had darker green eyes
  • i wore glasses sometimes, but my vision was good enough that i didn't need them most of the time (my vision was fixed for good when i god tiered)
  • i was very femme, i did ballet for a while in my younger years and i loved to dance a lot
  • i would occasionally wear these thin black velvet gloves and they were my favorite thing when i was younger.
  • i loved to dress formally, with dark dresses (often made of lace)
  • i enjoyed flowers and plants, and space.
  • looking over my succulent gardens was one of my favorite pastimes, tending them and taking care of them made me feel worthw...
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  • don't drop a follow if:
  • you meet the usual dnfi criteria (homophobic, racist, TERF, etc.)
  • you're kin with gamzee makara or bro strider (nothing personal, i just have bad memories around both of them)
  • alternatively, PLEASE drop a follow if:
  • you're kin with karkat, dirk, jade, or rose. im highkey looking for them and they're all huge comforts to me as well!
  • you think i might be from your timeline
  • UPDATE: also please drop a follow if youre kin with rose harley!
  • you have BroDave on your account, so i can be careful in my dave shift
  • thanks!!
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