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hiya! i'm eliza and if you're seeing this, welcome to my kin account!

edotschuy follows:

Hello!! My name is Eliza, but feel free to call me by my kin names as well. I go by she/her pronouns, but it's ok to call me he/him if I'm in a male shift. I also live in the northwestern part of the United States, and I'm a minor.

I have no idea what my sexual/romantic orientation is, so I label myself as sapphic, meaning that I'm a female-aligned person who is attracted to other female-aligned people. I'm also an ENFP.

I have depression and BPD (borderline personality disorder) so I tend to vent a lot on this account. I try to tag all of my vents and any major trigger warnings.

Other than that, I'm very interested in European history and creepy internet things (such as ARGs and unsolved mysteries) so if you want to talk about those, don't be afraid to DM me! I don't bite!

Password: burnt toast

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