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wife,mother, sister, daughter, artist, kayaker, lover of all things old, knitter, journal junkie, trash picker, furniture painter, marching to my own little drum, sherpa extraordinaire, tripping through the universe daily hoping God doesn't have a video camera.

Paintedhouse 52 follows:
  • my husband
  • my kids
  • my family
  • self-help books
  • good yarn
  • black and white photos
  • organic apple red tea by Tazo
  • kayaking
  • long bike rides on flat trails
  • cooking something new
  • watching my husband cross every finish line
  • sitting in a chair at the ocean's edge
  • looking for sea shells
  • the number 52
  • lazy days in the hammock
  • my journal
  • my creativity
  • my grandmother's silver rosary beads
  • a sailor doll from the Queen Elizabeth II
  • waking up next to my husband
  • going to sleep next to my husband
  • my sock monkeys
  • juicy pens
  • white containers with yellow flowers
  • the sound of wind chimes
  • long walks on the beach in the winter
  • long road trips
  • Lazy Sundays
  • hot bubble bath
  • blogging
  • trying one new thing a week
  • sitting by the fire
  • hand written letters
  • thrift stores
  • yard sales
  • color
  • eating at diners
  • making things with my hands
  • starfish, sand dollars and sea glass
  • old scales
  • finding new purposes for old objects
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