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artist, bread baker, lover of all things old, knitter, journal junkie, trash picker, furniture painter, bead whore, marching to my own little drum,tripping through the universe daily hoping God doesn't have a video camera.

Jane Rourke follows:
  • be a vegetarian for at least a year and not fall off the *vegetable cart
  • be an organized person
  • Buy a vintage VW Bus and travel across the county in it
  • Buy an old trailer and join Sisters on the Fly
  • Enter a pie eating contest
  • Go on a European kayaking tour
  • Go to Burning Man
  • Have a "library" in my home
  • have a game of Produce Bowling in the grocery store
  • Have a real studio
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail
  • learn how to cook Indian food and do it well
  • learn how to crochet
  • learn how to fly fish
  • Learn how to ride a motorcycle
  • Make a living doing something creative
  • Open my own store
  • Own a home
  • Own a vacation home on a lake
  • run 5 miles without collapsing
  • Sail to an exotic island
  • See a cure for Autism
  • teach children
  • travel on a train with sleeping cars
  • Visit Paris
  • Write and publish a book
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