• Are racist, homophobic, lesbophobic, transphobic, sexist, anti-simitic (a nazi practically)
  • Support fictional and/or real incest, pedophilia, abuse (even to use for coping purposes dont follow me)
  • terf, truscum
  • only recognise trans men and women but not non binary and/or genderfluid etc.
  • use your mental illness as an excuse for bad actions
  • just dont be a bad person basically.
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jan 19 2018 +
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  • I have a tumblr called bull-bones I try my best to tag stuff there
  • I got twitter so thats a thing, if you arent directly following from the site than ask please, i rather not have 18+ labelled accounts or spam following
  • I do have a snapchat but again if i barely know you I wont add you I like to keep my appearance private
  • I have colours 3d my username is Soft-bull
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jan 19 2018 +
  • Pokemon (any type of game or generation)
  • Mob Psycho 100
  • Golden Kamuy
  • The wolf among us
  • Overwatch
  • Final Fantasy 15
  • MGS (mainly only for the characters)
  • Vocaloid
  • Mmds (the dancing kind)
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jan 13 2018 +
  • My name is Gabriel (Gabe for short)
  • I am 15
  • I am a gay trans man
  • he/him pronouns please
  • my bday is may 4th (lol starwars day)
  • Australian (white)
  • Relationship status: im single. Not sure if im ready to engage in that stuff.
  • Taurus (♉)
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dec 21 2017 +
  • I kin to cope or simply for jokes (but mainly to cope,,,life is wild man) I kin The Puppet from FNAF and the Pokemon Chesnaught
  • I love to draw and sometimes write if I feel like it
  • Really Really into pokemon so I may splurge a lot about it on my tumblr blog,,,its a special interest of mine(apologies)
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dec 24 2017 +
  • Do speak up if I have said something to offend you or someone else or there is a problem with my about tell me and I will fix it
  • I have personal stuff regarding sexual assault and would hope if youre talking to me to not bring it up at all please, feels bad.
  • If you need anything tagged do tell and I will happily do it!
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