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I am Syd. I like lists. I live in Oregon, USA. I draw, write, read, and play videogames. My online alias is toxxicduck. I have another list account that I forgot the into to! XD /toxxicduck

Syd follows:
Anya films (I've watched since May 2010)
books (I've read since 2010)
tasks (for the year)
travel (places to visit before I die)
garlonn adelaide harper
  • Shrill human noises right in my ear, such as my sister whining.
  • Repetitive high pitched sounds, like trucks backing up.
  • When Ethan watches videos on his phone in the morning in bed and wakes me up
  • When I'm writing or making art and totally in the zone, and someone comes in like a car crash and destroys my concentration, especially when all they want is to tell me something I give no shits about
  • When someone says my skills are a blessing or gift from God. Like, bitch, I practiced hard with this shit, ain't no god making me magically talented.
  • When I ask someone for help with something, and they move turtle slow and I am just standing here like omg
  • When people throw something in the garbage and it makes the bag fall down into the trashcan, and they don't fix it!
  • When people put an empty jug, bottle, jar of anything back into the fridge or cupboard.
  • When people don't close the lid all the way on stuff and just let it sit around OPEN so it goes bad faster.
  • When I tell someone a bunch of stuff, like a whole story or something I think is super interesting, and the only response they have is "oh" or "mhm" and no other input whatsoever.
  • When I'm trying to talk to someone about something and at the first pause they interject and start talking something completely different before I was done talking about it.
  • When someone asks me for help or advice and they just shoot down every thing I say without even trying it or giving it any thought. Like why even friggin ask.
  • When people play music from their phones without headphones. Like omg it sounds terrible.
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