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I am Syd. I like lists. I live in Oregon, USA. I draw, write, read, and play videogames. My online alias is toxxicduck. I have another list account that I forgot the into to! XD /toxxicduck

Syd follows:
Anya books (I've read since 2010)
films (I've watched since May 2010)
tasks (for the year)
travel (places to visit before I die)
garlonn adelaide harper
  • Being in high school again
  • Groups of strangers being mean to me
  • Ghosts and Demons
  • Trying to pee or shower but keep getting interrupted
  • Guys I want to date but have no interest in me
  • Friends, Family, Boyfriend ditching me
  • zombie apocalypse
  • bugs burrowing into my skin
  • getting lost in a city or building
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jun 29 2018 +