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I am Syd. I like lists. I live in Oregon, USA. I draw, write, read, and play videogames. My online alias is toxxicduck. I have another list account that I forgot the into to! XD /toxxicduck

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garlonn adelaide harper
  • tabby
  • a little thick
  • fluffy
  • 3 years old
  • Birthday in February
  • Fixed
  • Gift from Dad and Campbell after terrible sad thing happened
  • $25 at PetSmart
  • Given name at PetSmart: Leanne
  • Nickname Leelu, after Leeloo from Fifth Element
  • Doesn't meow often
  • Watches TV with us
  • Likes to always be in the same room as me
  • She makes toad noises
  • Sits at the dinner table with us
  • Sounds like a broken squeaky toy when she does meow
  • Walks right up to strangers
  • When she can't get to her litterbox, she just finds somewhere else to go, instead of asking to get into the room
  • ADHD: only plays with a toy for 2 seconds before getting bored, but will play again for 2 seconds a minute later
  • When she wants food or outside, she rubs her butt on the wall and looks at you all cute
  • Her best friends are a cat named Pippin and a pug named Cleo
  • Hates Aslan, the neighbors cat
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