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I'm 16, nonbinary, and otherkin. You can contact me through my main instagram(ghostkid.succs), my side account(yyalter), or my kin account(irlphilip). I am always open for discussing quadrants, memories, or just for talking. I love making new friends!!

Marco follows:

Hello! I am marccelo, and I'm a nonbinary male! Below are a few of my wishes, and things about myself.

  • names: marcel, alaska, marco, any of my kin names
  • pronouns: he/them (preferably they/them)
  • age: 16
  • zodiac: gemini
  • sexuality and romanticality: abrosexual/abroromantic/polyamorous
  • mbti type: entp
  • location: georgia
  • relationship status: taken!! by my wonderful boyfriends uwu however I am polyamorous, and I'm still very open for other relationships!!
mar 12 2017 ∞
may 29 2017 +