• Skyfall Lounge, The Delano

You could pick any one of Las Vegas' many (many) top-floor-with-a-Strip-view casino-resort-bar-lounges and pay $20 per drink and have a consistently unremarkable experience: VEGAS, BABY. Or, you could head up to Skyfall, a more sophisticated establishment (meaning the headlining DJ goes on before 2am) with a cocktail list that might actually earn Vegas its reputation as a cocktail city (a reputation, mind you, built on market and myth). The newly remodeled Skyfall Lounge, formerly Mix Lounge, sits atop the 64-floor Delano Las Vegas and rocks a solid view of the Strip. And it offers a refreshing departure from the usual Grey Goose-and-Bacardi drinks (although, yes, it still has those -- it is Vegas) with cocktails like the Kentucky Colada, made with Elijah Craig bourbon and Appleton rum with coconut, lime juice, and Tiki spices.

  • Aces & Ales

Any serious beer collector has big, beautiful whales sitting in the cellar, until that special day when they're cracked open. Aces & Ales is the rare beer bar that's also a serious beer collector, hoarding beauties like a 2006 Stone Vertical Epic Ale and Firestone Walker's Parabola. And both of its Vegas locations are beer snob-approved, partly because there aren't that many beer bars open 24/7. Only in Vegas (and NOLA). Pro tip: the Tenaya spot has 30 more beers on tap than the Nellis one, and a much wider bottle selection.

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