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Xiuhan (Xiumin/Luhan)


  • Colored Outside the Lines (8k, pg-13)
    • When Luhan is placed into the wrong Drama class his Junior year, he thinks things can't get any worse. Then he gets assigned to do his final project with some random dorky kid named Kim Minseok.
  • I Can't Feel My Face When I'm With You (12k, m)
    • As Head Demon, Luhan is responsible for a lot - including misplaced souls who should be in Heaven.
  • guess that this must be the place (13k, pg-13)
    • “Yes, my pretty stalker I was telling you about,” Minseok smiles winningly at Luhan over the rim of his coffee. / or the au where Luhan is famous and Minseok doesn't like movies
  • Crush on the Crasher (12k, pg-13)
    • Minseok thinks getting a cat would distract him from thinking about his crush all day. He’s starting to think that this is a bad idea. Or is it not? He really has no idea.
  • These Inconvenient Fireworks (14k, nc-17 )
    • When Chief Kim Minseok saves a man from a burning building one day, he doesn't expect to meet him again, until he starts receiving a number of gifts from the same man - which leads to a whole lot of sassy subordinates, cat-eared mugs and hypothetical questions that force Minseok to face his own insecurities in order to figure out his own happiness.
  • Feels Like Flying (47k, nc-17 )
    • Luhan is an amateur rollerblader with dreams of making it big. In search of advice, he goes looking for Kim Minseok, a former world champion who mysteriously disappeared from competitions several years ago. What he finds surprises him.
  • If I'm Lucky, You Can Stay for a While _Warning: ANGST (24k, m)
    • Amidst the catastrophe in Minseok's head, he meets Lu Han.
  • The Secret Language of Flowers (20k, pg-13)
    • Minseok has zero knowledge of flowers, but that’s okay, Luhan has a book for that. A hanahaki!au.
  • Hello Kitty Underwear (3k, nc-17 )
    • Minseok's life has always been fairly uneventful aside from the periodic drunk man on his door step wailing about capitalism. It was like that until a lanky blond man wearing hello kitty underwear walks into the laundromat Minseok works at.
  • Jonquil Love Me (886w, pg-13)
    • Minseok just wanted to be perfect.
  • When the Stars Sleep and People Dream (6k, nc-17 )
    • Minseok is not a human but he experiences the same emotions as his human lover Luhan. However, humans and star people are similiar; both can fall in love, enjoy the pleasures of life, and fall prey to the arms of death.
  • love (50k, nc-17 )
    • Luhan has a habit of making terrible decisions. Stealing the Kim Kingdom's prince, for example.
  • 私... (4k, g)
    • They've been friends for a while now. Luhan has openly admitted that he likes Minseok and practically flirts with him everytime Minseok is around, but sometimes he has difficulty expressing his feelings.
  • Of Canned Coffee and Curious Query (4k, nc-17 )
    • Minseok is having a hard time to stay awake on his job as receptionist at a fitness center. It's Friday night and honestly he doesn't even feel sad for himself having to work at graveyard shift. Lu Han may have coffee and something else to help him with it.
  • I don't have the right age to love you (5k, m)
    • Not many people achieve success as young as Luhan, however he’s pretty old compared to his boyfriend, Minseok. Of course, no one is fine with that.
  • Distraction (5k, pg-13)
    • Injured shapeshifter Luhan is desperately seeking a distraction, and he finds it in the form of Dr. Kim Minseok.


Xiubaek (Xiumin/Baekhyun)

  • Take A Bite (3k, nc-17 )
    • Minseok thinks everything about Baekhyun is beautiful and it has nothing to do with the fact that Baekhyun is his lover.

Xiuhun (Xiumin/Sehun)

  • Sauvage (10k, nc-17 )
    • In which Minseok is ordinary, Sehun is beautiful and no one respects the sancity of paperwork.
  • Little Lacey Things (1k, nc-17 )
    • “You like wearing these kinds of things?” Sehun asks, pulling the elastic so it snaps back against Minseok’s hips and leaves a red mark. “Does feeling like a girl turn you on?”
  • living love in slow motion (3k, pg-13)
    • “I’m going to kill you,” Sehun says flatly. aka childhood friends!xiuhun
  • Knew It All Along (2k, pg-13)
    • Drunk Minseok says something that Sehun really wants to hear from him sober.

Xiuchen (Xiumin/Chen)

  • Xiuchen ABO/Family AU (6 works, 31k, various ratings)
    • A collection of one-shots featuring the growing family of Kim Jongdae and Kim Minseok (may feature a back story for Baekhyun and Chanyeol too). Non-linear, the time of the stories will bounce around.
  • Maybe If I Skip Dinner warning: character death (not minseok) and also main!baekyeol (49k, 21 chpt, nc-17 )
    • Minseok finds a will power hidden within himself that shouldn't have seen the light of the day. Because when the solution becomes counting numbers and a weak body, he realizes that the control he had, has overtaken him completely and left him with nothing.
  • freefall (4k, g)
    • Minseok is technically a single father, if you don't count that he's in love with his best friend who practically raised his twins with him.
  • Everytime I See You (22k, m)
    • Jongdae becomes a regular at a cafe and keeps seeing the same sad guy.
  • under the sink. (1k, pg-13)
    • Jongdae knew, and yet he did nothing to stop it. / In which Minseok is fucked up and Jongdae blames himself in the aftermaths.
  • Just How I Like It (6k, nc-17 )
    • Jongdae liked when they played rough, and Minseok couldn't wait to be bad.

Xiukai (Xiumin/Kai)

  • the sky is everywhere, so meet me under there mama!au and minor!xiuhan (3k, pg-13)
    • he was born in the winter, but he has the warmest heart ever seen. minseok, ice himself, would let himself melt under jongin's touch if it was capable of that. / jongin also loves the winter. maybe that's why he loves minseok, too.
  • I see pink

mafia!au and ongoing (5k, m)

    • It’s always on Thursdays, when the sun's gone down completely over Lacy and people are barely beginning to leave the comfort of their homes to start drinking and partying. The gangster had come in here for nearly eight Thursday’s, had harbored himself in a corner of the club and watched Minseok as he poured drinks for customers and talked to his employees. Minseok thought it was sweet at first, to be admired from afar that is, but the man’s been waltzing in here for so long that he has to want something.

Xiusoo (Xiumin/Kyungsoo)

  • We All Have Those Days (538w, pg-13)
    • Minseok sometimes breaks down at work
  • our love (1k, m)
    • kyungsoo has a bit of a temper on him but luckily minseok's a really patient guy

Xiulay (Xiumin/Lay)

  • Lipgloss (1k, pg-13 (its more like g tho))
    • Where Minseok tries to welcome his neighbour and the new neighbour ends up being his first boyfriend.
  • Prompt #52: Royal Blossom (8k, pg-13)
    • Minseok finds himself taking care of a peony flower even though he’s the furthest from having a green thumb, but something makes him want to keep the flower alive.

Xiumin-centric (Xiumin/EXO)


  • Mind Over Matter Xiumin/Lay/Luhan (5k, nc-17 )
    • That time Minseok gets high with Lu Han and Yixing and they end up fucking him into a stupor.

Xiuho (Xiumin/Suho)

  • The Romance of Falling Snow slight mama!au (23k, pg-13)
    • It kind of sucks when his friends who are obviously dating drag Junmyeon along on their ski trip as third wheel, which is why nice hot strangers are such a relief to meet on a chair lift for two.
  • A Little Bit of Magic hp!au (4k, pg)
    • HP!AU; Seventh Year Junmyeon ends his last summer as a student rescuing a boy from the clutches of Durmstrang douchebags.
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