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Hello! Please read this before following me!

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Hello! There isn't too much to say about me, so for now, I'll just give a general statement. The nicknames I go by are Sato and Andi, though I usually don't mind most other nicknames. I also go by she/her.

If you haven't figured it out by the content I post, I am an art account and post my art somewhat(?) frequently. I am also experimenting with my art style, so I apologize for any inconsistency!

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Q: Can you draw (thing)? A: Unless requests are open, then no!

Q: Do you do art trades? A: Only with mutuals (unless I ask you) for the time being!

Q: Can I repost/use your art? A: Sure, but please credit me!

Q: Can I draw any of your ocs? A: YES GO AHEAD (#satoocs) ILY

Q: Heheh are you a furry? A: No. Stop.

Q: Do you do commissions? A: Not for the time being!

Q: Can I ship my oc with yours? A: Only if we're friends, but even so dm me!

Q: Can we be friends? A: I'd rather not...I'm sorry, I'm terrible with meeting new people and unless we meet via rp or something I will most likely not accept. I'm sure you're an amazing person though, but I don't bite!

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I'm sorry if you weren't mentioned! It's nothing personal, I promise.

  • Kat (
  • Kip (colgate.toof)
  • Mika (irlkiibo)
  • Andrea (violetmarkcy)
  • Ryden (boats_and_floats)
  • Jess (irl.scumbag)
  • Olive (fotuc)
  • Lex (the_names_lime)

Please give them all a follow! They're all wonderful people and I love them all!

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Do NOT follow if:

  • You have a problem with me and/or any of my friends
  • You are homophobic
  • You are transphobic
  • If you are associated/involved with my ex
  • You are here to spy

Please feel free to follow if:

  • You enjoy my content
  • You are one of my friends
  • You're interested in what I have to say/post
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  • If I have befriended you, please keep in mind that I tend to overthink too much for my own good, so PLEASE don't take advantage of that! I apologize if I've come off as clingy, so please let me know if I've done something! I won't know unless you tell me! Thank you!
  • My OC tag is #satoocs
  • I will make a tag for their refs and bios soon, but a link will be provided as well
  • My AU tag is #satosaus (have fun)
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