if i'm a mutual of yours i'd really appreciate it if you tagged

  • SHUSHING. this is the biggest one for the love of god PLEASE tag any videos that have shushing in them
  • torture, this is another big one but not on the same level as shushing
  • images of severe irl gore
  • surgery / injuries
  • animal death
  • homophobia/racism/transphobia/etc.
  • nsfw
  • videos with audio only/mostly in one ear (just tag these with "uneven audio" or something along those lines, I KNOW IT SEEMS WEIRD but my ears are Mega Fucked and they hurt if there's uneven distribution of sound across them)

i tag all of the above and

  • emetophobia
  • alcohol/drugs
  • abuse
  • slurs
sep 1 2017 ∞
jan 20 2019 +