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I am a professor of 18th-century British literature and a mom.

Fanny Harville follows:

recommendations from Melissa Wiley:

We too are big Zita fans here! Also Mouse Guard (swordfighting, however, but heroic, not gorey). My kids have loved the giant Showcase Presents collections (old DC superhero comics from 40s/50s reprinted)–phone books, they’re dubbed, big black-and-white reprint collections.

Jenni & Matt Holm’s Babymouse series and Squish series

Lunch Lady series by Jarrett Krosoczka (she’s a secret agent, saving kids from danger w/ wacky lunchroom spy gadgets, quite delightful)

Maybe take a look at the Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi–10yo is probably the bottom age range there; I’ve only read book 4 and was lost on the ongoing storyline but I quite liked the subplots and the sci-fi/fantasy blend worldbuilding, and the art is simply stunning. Lush and wonderful.

Dan Santat’s Sidekicks is great fun, and John Gallagher’s Buzzboy — superhero fighting in both, no gore, comic in tone.

I really need to get around to writing a proper post about this–there are so many wonderful graphic novels for kids out there now. Eva Volin’s website is a tremendous resource for reviews, btw.

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