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I am a professor of 18th-century British literature and a mom.

Fanny Harville follows:
  • The Great Book of Trains by Brian Hollingsworth and Arthur Cook
  • The Age of the Train: From the Rocket to the Bullet by Philip Marsh
  • The Big Book of Trains by DK Publishing
  • Encyclopedia of North American Railroads by Aaron E. Klein
  • Life Along the Line: A Photographic Portrait of America's Last Great Steam Railroad by O. Winston Link
  • The Last Steam Railroad in America by O. Winston Link
  • The Great Railroad Revolution by Christian Wolmar
  • Grand Central: How a Train Station Transformed America by Sam Roberts
  • The Elegance of Edwardian Railways by Geoffrey Williams
  • Eat Steel and Spit Rivets: Norfolk Southern Employees Reflect on 30 Years of Change, Challenge, and Achievement
  • Amtrak: An American Story
  • Southen Railway's Historic Spencer Shops by Larry K. Neal, Jr.
  • Railroad Depots of Michigan: 1910-1920 by David J. Mrozek
  • Baldwin Locomotives by Schiffer Publishing
  • The Cars of Pullman by Joe Welsh
  • The Sea-to-Sky Gold Rush Route by Eric L. Johnson
  • The Missabe Road by Frank A. King
  • Railway Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden
  • Transit Maps of the World by Mark Ovenden
  • London Underground by Design by Mark Ovenden
  • The London Underground by Andrew Emmerson
  • Discovering Subterranean London by Andrew Emmerson
  • Discovering London Railway Stations by Oliver Green
  • What's in a Name by Cyril M. Harris
  • London Underground Facts by Stephen Halliday
  • Do Not Alight Here by Ben Pedroche
  • Hear That Train Whistle Blow: How the Railroad Changed The World by Milton Meltzer
  • Full Steam Ahead: The Race to Build a Transcontinental Railroad by Rhoda Blumberg
  • A Long Hard Journey: The Story of the Pullman Porter by Patricia and Frederick McKisaack
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