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I am a professor of 18th-century British literature and a mom.

Fanny Harville follows:

20 Places to Find Free Books Online by CHRISTINA on NOVEMBER 5, 2010


  • Google Books - Google Books is a great place to find free classic books in the public domain. All of the public domain books are in PDF format and can be read online, downloaded to your computer, or transferred to an e-book reader.
  • Amazon's list of free books for Kindle:
  • Read Print - Read Print makes thousands of novels, poems, and stories freely available online. All of the books are easy to read using the site's "reading mode" and can be quickly located by title, author, or genre.
  • Online Books Page - This University of Pennsylvania website lists over 800,000 books that can be read for free online. Books are sorted by author, title, and genre so that they are easy to find.
  • Project Gutenberg - Project Gutenberg was the first site to provide free e-books online and is still among the most popular. All of the books on the site are digitized by volunteers and can be downloaded to your PC or e-reader. More than 33,000 books are available.
  • Bibliomania - Bibliomania offers more than 2,000 free classic books, plays, poems, and short stories. Other site features include contemporary articles, interviews, book summaries, book notes, and author biographies.
  • Authorama - Authorama has a small collection of classic books that can be read for free online or offline. The books are predominantly in English, but there are a few texts that are in German as well.
  • - Nearly 30,000 free books are available on this site. You can search for books by author or title or browse books be genre. also provides reader reviews and recommendations as well as instructions for transferring books to a variety of e-readers.
  • Page By Page Books - Page By Page Books provides hundreds of free classic books designed to be read online. This site is perfect for anyone who does not want to read a book in one sitting because it allows you to "bookmark" your page at any time and pick up exactly where you left off when you're ready to read again.
  • Chest of Books - Chest of Books offers free non-fiction e-books on a variety of topics. The site also provides a small collection of classic novels and fairy tales.
  • Book Glutton - Book Glutton is a great site for people who want to read and discuss books online. The site offers free classic books that can be annotated and shared with a reading partner.

Audio Books

  • Librivox - Librivox volunteers record audio versions of popular classic books and make the files freely available online. You can download the recorded audio books to your computer direct from the site or by subscribing to Librivox through iTunes.
  • Lit2Go - Lit2Go, a free online service from Florida's Educational Technology Clearinghouse, provides a huge collection of books, stories, and poems in MP3 format. Audio files can be listened to on your computer or transferred to a player. You can also access a text version of the file on the site so that you can read along while you listen.
  • Free Classic Audio Books - This site offers a small collection of classic books in audio format. Books can be played on your computer or transferred to a player. Some of the books are narrated by actual humans, while others have been recorded using advanced text to speech software.
  • Storynory - Storynory has published a new audio story every week since late 2005. Stories include classics like Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Red Riding Hood in addition to contemporary stories adapted from tales around the world. Stories can be played online, downloaded to your computer, or transferred to an iPod or MP3 player from iTunes.
  • Kiddie Records - This site provides streaming and downloadable audio recordings of popular children's records from the mid forties through the early fifties. Hundreds of recordings featuring popular characters like Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Dumbo, Cinderella, and Howdy Doody are available.

Children's Books

  • International Children's Digital Library - This free online library offers more than 4,000 free books that can be read online. Books are available in more than 50 languages and include a mix of classic and contemporary stories.
  • The Baldwin Online Children's Project - Created by a mom and literature enthusiast, this site is dedicated to making classic books available online. The Baldwin Online Children's Project focuses exclusively on children's books published before 1923.
  • MeeGenius - After downloading the free MeeGenius reading application for the web, iPhones, and iPads, you can access 12 free books that can be personalized with your child's name. Additional books are available for purchase. Prices start at $0.99.
  • StoryPlace - StoryPlace was created by the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in North Carolina. The site offers free online books for preschool and elementary readers. Other site features include free, printable activities and reading lists.
  • Magic Keys - Magic Keys is a good place to find illustrated stories for young children, older children, and young adults. The site also provides free coloring books, games, and activities.

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