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He looks at me, smiles and says hello,

I am someone he knows he should know,

But who I am to him he can’t remember,

This disease won’t let him surrender.


People live through horrific things,

He continuously relives these sins,

What is really real and what is not?

Everything that was will be forgot.


He’ll talk about people as they sit next to him,

The chances of him recognising them are slim.

Large portions he can’t remember of his life:

From events, to people, to the death of his wife.


He gets confused and then annoyed by it,

But it’s the disease that’s taking every last bit,

And he won’t die from injuries or a kind of clot,

It’ll be from all the things that he’s just forgot.


The disease is nicknamed the long goodbye,

How it is caused, people don’t know why,

But, as you watch the person deteriorate,

It’s a kind of pain that can’t translate.

apr 18 2012 ∞
apr 19 2012 +