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This is not meant to offend anyone. It is merely me putting something that is important to me - my opinions - in writing.

Pro-gay rights - Quotes

  • In short, my sister is gay as is a close friend of mine. I don't doubt for a second that the love they have for a future spouse will be exactly the same as the love I have for a future spouse. Love is love and isn't limited. Just because two people of the same sex are in love with each other, doesn't mean two people of the opposite sex can't be. I will never understand how people can be so vulgar and so against something as beautiful as two people in love, especially when it has no effect on them.

Pro-choice - Quotes

  • It bugs me when people think this means I'm pro-abortion. I have met several pro-choice people in my life but not one of them is pro-abortion. It is a basic human right to be able to choose what happens to your own body. I mean, if I'm not trusted to make that choice, how can I be trusted to take care of a child? People who are pro-life have made a choice to never have an abortion. I have made that choice also. But I also believe that everyone else should have their right to choose what they want.

Atheist - Quotes

  • A lot of people who know me think that I'm anti-religion. But the truth is, I'm anti-religion for me. Sometimes, I really wish I was religious and could believe in religion but I can't. There are so many things that make me unable to believe in the concept of religion so therefore I don't. I think it's a mixture of how I grew up, the experiences I've had in life and the way my mind works. But for me, I can't believe in religion or god.

Anti Death Penalty - Quotes

  • The majority of people will agree that murder is wrong. But for some reason people will accept it if it is done by the government. How can they expect ordinary citizens to not kill their enemies if the government does it to theirs? If you fight murder with murder, you'll just end up with a massacre. And how many innocent people have died because of this? Can you ever truly be sure? You could've taken their life for nothing.
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