listography for iPhone and iPod touch

Synchronize your personal collection of lists from to your iPhone or iPod touch.

Current Features

  • All of your lists are synchronized to your device for offline access.
  • Create, edit, and search your lists, and use the list topic generator.
  • Set list images with the camera.

The primary purpose of the listography app is to make your lists accessible to you on your device, whether or not you are connected to the Internet. We look forward to developing the app further and invite you to help shape its future by leaving a comment on the feature request list below.

For help, contact

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  • sync your iPhone app after every update you make to avoid conflicts between the server and your iPhone data
  • sync your iPhone app after you make changes to your web listography so your iPhone is up to date
  • new lists are created in the private folder by default
  • logout to keep lists on your phone private
  • try the list topic generator for list ideas
  • please report any bugs to
  • note: you need a account to use the iPhone app
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[android app: we hear you! we're looking into it and hope to make progress soon! thank you for all the requests!]

We fund Listography ourselves with no ads so please accept our apologies that we cannot offer a free app and thank you for the support. Leave comments to request a feature for the iPhone app.

Feature Requests

  • social features: comments, viewing other's listographies
  • iPad app
  • Android & Blackberry app

Updates: Jan 2011:

  • Landscape mode
  • Two-finger scrolling no longer necessary when editing
  • Index improvements
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