• Amanda
  • Lives in a small town placed in the state of São Paulo, Brazil
  • 19 years old
  • Virgo sun // Pisces moon // Aquarius rising
  • INFP
  • Strongly believes that music is a sacred manifestation of the universe and takes it to the heart.
  • Loves to read ever since she became able to do it.
  • Tries hard to find a way to express a series of her complex, unfathomable feelings and sensations.
  • Tries hard to be less introspective but seems to be able to make only superficial changes about this.
  • Tries hard to find a way to apply her tameless imagination into something useful.
  • Is capable of spending hours and hours talking about seemingly trivial memories with a huge pleasure. Nostalgic as fuck.
  • Plays guitar & loves biology.
  • Aspires to be Dana Scully.
  • Always obsessed.
  • Some lists will be in portuguese because i'm lazy.
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