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I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

zakiyyah follows:
listography FAQ
anita notes (scheduling fall 2017)
Mayah books (textbook shopping)
M notes (Top Vacation Destinations (unordered))
  • Learn to dance
  • Start an inspiration blog
  • Revise last years screenplay
  • And submit it to a contest
  • Learn to swim
  • Bike a trail
  • Bike the damn appalachian mountains
  • Go to louisiana
  • Meet devin
  • Get a nose ring
  • Learn about beekeeping
  • Take a film class
  • Make your own film
  • Get a video camera
  • Submit it
  • Fix up room into an enjoyable location
  • Work on art skills
  • Specifically watercolor painting
  • Run a marathon or maybe just a race
  • learn to ski
  • Learn to snowboard
  • make your own scarves
  • Swing dance
  • Salsa dance
  • Just dance 3
  • more love letters (march)
  • make candles
  • be in a play or act
  • see a movie at a filmakers theatre
  • take an art class
  • sushi fuku.
  • go to a roller derby
  • get a new camera
  • watch dexter et
  • a room with a view
  • get the soundtrack to in bruges
  • go to the music mine
  • watch good will hunting
  • read on the road and watch on the road, and then one and only: the untold story of on the road
  • dip dye hair
  • get some black eyeliner
  • save up
  • get a new haircut
  • donate old clothes
  • see les mis and
  • see django
  • thrift expedition
  • clean up
  • trade in old books
  • sew some stuff
  • DIY skeleton tights
  • study for SATs
  • read at espresso
  • get permit
  • take driving lessons
  • straight As
  • go to a drive in theater
  • pay off library bills
  • (NO) read the manga guide to physics
  • learn to play na na na on piano
  • get that new sansa
  • damn these library bills...
  • pierce cartilage
  • get to that concert!
  • take ballet classes / a ballet class
  • fright night.
  • dye your hair purple
  • dye your hair red
  • apply for another job!
  • go to IHOP finally
  • clean yourself up. and your room too while you're at it
  • crochet one whole thing (raspberry handwarmers)
  • sell first item on etsy!
  • sell 30 items on etsy!
  • get your permit
  • waffleonia!
  • i need a vacation so bad
  • get that new killers cd and hope it sounds more like hot fuss than flamingo or at least day and age like cmon guys stop growing up i dont want this mature music
  • DEMAND THAT HIVES SHIRT (demand denied, refund ensued)
  • apply for a job (application complete. we await mail) (second application sent, we await response)
  • begin the magic that is gilmore girls
  • learn about/how to program
  • learn more about css
  • learn more about html
  • watch buffy the vampire slayer (okay i saw half an episode not dedicating myself to this)
  • watch my own private idaho
  • learn to snap (is that sad? yes.)
  • finish sudoku book
  • watch all the starwars movies
  • own every coldplay cd ever
  • find some swell french and spanish bands
  • learn french properly
  • ugh pay library bills again
  • sand art terrarium
  • mad origami skills
  • get your first bubble umbrella (AND IT WAS FREE FOR THE WIIIIINN)
  • make a tart (currently baking)
  • make wind up paper butterflies
  • make a pouf
  • go to snack bar
  • chalk yo hair
  • cyh again but straight
  • coffee shop tour
  • send a film to sundance or nffty
  • go to a car show
  • go to a drive-in theatre
  • photograph the galaxy
  • sew a dress (ALMOST DONE)
  • meiko cd
  • aquire some type of musical skill
  • learn to knit
  • keep room clean for at least a month
  • act in something
  • make macaroons
  • jet pens!
  • make creme brulee donuts
  • tazza d'oro
  • kimbra album - vows
  • the hives album - june 2012
  • get ears pierced
  • rainbow cake
  • oh yeah's
  • thai me up
  • visit that super french crepe place
  • drink darjeeling tea whilst watching the darjeeling limited
  • SI Tea House!
  • learn to play a song from amelie (ALMOST THERE YO)
  • save up for lesportsac backpack
  • RIT DYE (so dye is nor rit, but still, ACQUIRED!)
  • learn to play at least one moulin rouge song on piano
  • take a trip to eos
  • go exploring
  • aquire a telescope
  • aquire an astronomy book
  • make rock candy
  • write a letter
  • read 1894
  • make three different kinds of smoothies (i made 2..)
  • watch a clockwork orange
  • acquire new band t-shirt
  • go first (basically but i will consider this in the works)
  • attempt skateboarding
  • write a love song
  • write a screenplay for at least a short film
  • film it
  • bike in a bike race/marathon
  • go to at least one concert
  • Hitchcock movie marathon
  • build a terrarium
  • run a marathon
  • go to a film festival
  • sing in front of multiple people
  • own your first cactus
  • begin a CD collection (processing) as of now (spoon/blondie/thepolice/thehives) (i feel qualified to check this off)
  • ride all the roller coasters
  • write a song about anything but love
  • get a job or renew your business
  • have a party
  • go to an open mike poetry reading
  • i am not ewan mcgregor shirt
  • stargaze somewhere with low light pollution
  • go to a laser show
  • volunteer with she's the first
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