"don't just be good to others, be good to you." (ノ● ◡ ●)ノ*:・゚❤

  • jan 01. the soft nap at aunt isau's extra soft bed | watching the martian with mom while being cozy and soft as hell | loona 1/3 keeping me company on the way home
  • jan 02. crying with the prodigy girl who went to harvard | making pancakes with my parents | learning a lot more about art and falling in love with marina abramovic
  • jan 03. going out with cris, her bf and his friend, having an AMAZING time with them, saying goodbye in the softest way possible | (finally) getting a good book at the library | cris' smile when she opened the gift and then wearing the necklace at night :')
  • jan 04. finding out i'm a ravenclaw!!! and that my patronus is a hare (THE SAME ONE AS LUNA'S!!!) | realizing i can't stop reading 1q84 bc of how good it is
  • jan 05. taking care of my plants!!! | spending time with iza
  • jan 06. i decided to buy the zebra mildliners! | reading my back up plan in case of failing the test and crying because i didn't know i cared that much about myself | angus & julia stone's snow keeping me company while i play 1010
  • jan 07. flowerboy making me cry once again | spending A LOT of time with my family | reading alone with the trees and the birds at my grandma's
  • jan 08. laughing out loud with (because of) lola | lola's smile when she received the gift!!! | making my mom some coffee | making my niece smile | listening to the beginning of the snow album and thinking of him | finding out citruseungkwan posted chap 5 of chasing chances
  • jan 09. finding the damn hair tie I've been looking for since last year!!!! | realizing (for the nth time) how wonderfully talented jihoon is, my beautiful producer | crying because mitsuha survived the accident
  • jan 10. listening to vanguart like it's the first time | bidu climbing up my bed to spend time with me | seungcheol as a dad, an actual dad!!! | gathering up stuff to watch
  • jan 11. baby stuff!!! also seungcheol as a dad feelings again | watching harry potter like it's the first time | finding out lola got a job | the jeoyxchandler ff | laughing my ass off with fresh prince and my wife and kids
  • jan 12. narnia!!!! i never knew it could be that good | making my mom laugh | ethan being completely honest ♡
  • jan 13. watching vamp weekend's artist den and listening to the albums later. i missed these fuckers | doing a rabbit with renata!!!! spending the majority of my day with her | jessica jung.
  • jan 14. had a dream about jessica and she was so kind to me :(
  • jan 15. going to the library and getting The book!!! | watching jjong's she is era videos and not crying, but smiling all the way through | seungkwan's birthday + chasing chances update!!
  • jan 16. soft seungkwan | jessica once again!!! | wonpil... i love you | art for my bujo!
  • jan 17. rereading dad coups ff | a GREAT nap | finishing lotr
  • jan 18. renata taking care of me | scoups... choi seungcheol.. Him | that cozy jihoon video!!! | going to the park w/ iza | twicetagram album | sunmi's release!!!
  • jan 19. cheolxreader scenario!! | watching my stuff while having some pizza | cats & cute stuff on tumblr | acting lovey dovey w/ renata because of how much i love her (it's a lot) | my mom braided my hair! i felt like a kid again | new music because of broad city | having a nice day?? on a FRIDAY?? in this economy?
  • jan 20. baking coxinhas with mom! | watching broad city, portlandia and bob's burgers in bed :) | watching we bare bears with iza late at night
  • jan 21. discovering new gg songs! | having ice cream with my family | getting some guavas on my backyard :)
  • jan 22. baking with izaaa and even if it didn't work out, we still had fun! | listening to my morning tunes as I had breakfast | feeling incredibly warm and loved and soft at church because of Rita | almost finishing my book oh GOD!!!
  • jan 23.
jan 8 2018 ∞
jan 22 2018 +