This is a list of my favourite articles/editorials/essays discovered this year.


  • Bendiksen, Jonas: Greenland’s Vanishing Villages in MAGNUM
  • Della Zazzera, Elizabeth: Instead of Writing a Thousand Words in Lapham's Quarterly
  • Dovey, Ceridwen: Can Reading Make You Happier? in The New Yorker
  • MacLellan, Lila: The spellbinding power of reading nature's "lost" words out loud in Quartzy
  • Pantall, Colin: Rethinking the ethical judgement of photography in Witness
  • Reed, Shannon: Theater of Your Mind Presents: It's 2:57am! in McSweeney's
  • Smith, Maggie: Tracking the Demise of My Marriage on Google Maps in The New York Times


  • Anderson, Sam: A Year in Marginalia in The Millions
  • Day, Gregory: One True Note? in Griffith Review
  • Doman, Mark; Liu, Ri; Palmer, Alex; Scott, Nathanael: The changing sound of the Hottest 100 on ABC News
  • Lilley, Deborah: The Mustard Gas in Sherwood Forest in Places
  • Manaugh, Geoff: Typographic Forestry and Other Landscapes of Translation in BLDGBLOG
  • Robson, David: In the beginning was the word, and the word was embodied in Aeon
  • Rothman, Aaron: Beyond Google Earth in Places


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