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We are plugged in by our televisions, our ipods, and our teachers. Our food, our water, and our part time jobs. We are plugged in by lust, knowledge, and money- or the immense lack of it. Unplug your mind and keep this venue acoustic. Play the natural base, the thunder in our skies or the pump in our hearts. The natural wood-wind instruments where the violent air makes gentle sounds as it runs thr...

Dana follows:
  • school acception
  • learn to play banjo
  • montreal, just for laughs (attend)
  • travel across canada
  • oxygen bar
  • beer market
  • bartend
  • watch (all) star wars & james bond * the godather films.
  • save $ for text, tuition and rent.
jan 18 2009 ∞
jan 18 2009 +