• How is your username pronounced?
    • Skra'was basically
  • What programs do you use?
    • Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop most of the time
  • What are your Brush settings?
    • I use Deharme's brush set in ps, hard airbrush & texture pen in CSP and i have new Paint Tool Sai Brushes every few days tbh orz
  • Do you do requests/commissions?
  • Why is one of your nicknames Mina?
    • When i was younger, i never told people on the internet my real name so they had do give me nicknames. Many people just went with the name of my first OC Mina (which i have since more than 10 years) and i just went with it. My OC Mina is not my Persona/Alter Ego (nor is she anything like me at all), but tbh you can give me any nickname you want i probably listen to it lmao
  • What's the story behind your username?
    • Xravas is one of my ocs! His name seems to be unique enough that i can use it everywhere
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