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  • 1/1 - Still horribly ill, still trying to write a last minute essay to a school that probably won't accept me...2018 is starting off great!
  • 1/2 - Finished my application on time and I got a fee waiver??
  • 1/4 - I'm feeling very Sylvia Plath-ish today
  • 1/6 - I walked 14,000 steps today boiiiii
  • 1/7 - Mexican excellence!
  • 1/8 - I'm have horrible cramps and I'm basically just waiting for someone to take me out of my misery
  • 1/12 - Disappointed that I didn't get to see more of San Francisco
  • 1/13 - I don't think I could possibly hate anything more than baby showers
  • 1/14 - back to SD, back to playing video games and shirking responsibility
  • 1/17 - I missed two weeks of writing poems. I'm so bad at this!
  • 1/18 - I'm always genuinely shocked at how underdeveloped I am as an adult/functioning human being
  • 1/19 - I really hate listening to myself think
  • 1/24 - I wish that I wasn't so easily embarrassed ughhh
  • 1/25 - wow I hate my entire extended family lmao they really are horrible people
  • 1/26 - The only things worth living for at this point are Red Dead Redemption II and Vampyr
  • 1/29 - I put the fun in high-functioning depression
  • 1/30 - Spent the day with Etis watching movies at the cinema. Probably the most pleasant day I've had in the last two weeks, even if we did get lost on the way home
  • 1/31 - The older you get, the easier it becomes to cut people out of your life. Or maybe that's just me idk
  • 2/5 - It's February so I expect to start hearing back from schools soon. I'm terrified. Even though I already expect the worst, I know that I'm going to be absolutely crushed if I don't get in anywhere. There's really no way to prepare for that kind of disappointment
  • 2/8 - I'm so bad at keeping up friendships, mostly because I get so depressed/anxious that I stop talking to people for an entire month
  • 2/11 - As much as I want my friends to be happy and successful, I'm also tired of telling them how to run their dumb lives (especially since they never listen to me anyway)
  • 2/20 - Had an okay birthday. The best part was probably going to see Black Panther (which was fantastic)
  • 2/21 - One rejection letter down, four more to go
  • 2/22 - That's two. I'm just praying for a waitlist at this point
  • 3/11 - When am I going to hear back from Iowa? Everyone else seems to have gotten their letters but my application is still "in progress". Ugh I hate this. If I don't get into Iowa it means I only have one more school to hear back from.
  • 3/12 - Hello, it's me, you're friendly neighborhood insomniac
  • 3/13 - I have so many ideas for stories but i can never a) pick one to actually write, and b) muster the will to sit down and start typing. It's the worst
  • 3/14 - Okay, fuck you, Iowa (even though this was totally anticipated and I didn't even want to go there anyway)
  • 3/15- Not to be dramatic, but all of my dreams are dying around me and I'm stuck living a life that I hate :\
  • 4/13 - I'm exactly the kind of person that would sit on their glasses and break them lol
  • 5/8 - Bioware owns my whole life at this point
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user picture fighter x: 1/18 to 1/25 and 1/29. I feel those so hard. lol. lots of luck with getting acceptance letters!!!! mar 4 2018
user picture birdie: thanks, I need all the luck I can get at this point lol mar 11 2018