• girlfriend of client, who was bleaching her hair, reading the dream thieves and holding her hand
  • spanish guy in his 40s with derek hale's tattoo on his ankle
  • teen girl reading fanfic & showing me all the derek/stiles fanart on her phone
  • malaysian girl's adorable, nervous laughter as we tried to understand each other
  • woman singing florence + the machine while I washed her hair like I wasn't even there
  • gorgeous girl from dallas calling me "babe" while telling me about seeing bjork in austin
  • girl with the da vinci code, so bizarre — she didn't read one single page
  • couple from NY who lived by the the night of bridge; she had teal hair, he the words ISLAM tattooed on his arm
sep 14 2016 ∞
sep 21 2017 +