• a series of unfortunate events (2017-2019)
    • number of seasons: 3
    • seasons watched this month: 2nd & 3rd
    • ★★★★¾; i liked this very much! the aesthetic is marvelous and it’s so ironically humorous it’s funny. violet, klaus and sunny are super easy characters to sympathize with and the unfortunate events that follows them are really tragical. my only complaint it’s the lack of V.F.D. information you have by the end of the series, but i guess that’s the point of lemony snicket narrating it.
  • sex education (2019)
    • number of seasons: 1
    • seasons watched this month: 1st
    • ★★★★★; i really loved this! i was a bit sceptical about it since the advertisement was a bit bad but it’s very binge-worthy and funny! the characters are lovable, relatable and real. they have problems any other human being could have. i like the way they treat sexuality very much and i think anyone could benefit a little bit from it!
  • steven universe (2013-2019)
    • number of seasons: 5
    • seasons watched this month: 5th
    • ★★★★★; wow! what a rollercoaster huh?! so, this was the best season yet from ‘steven universe’! it was so great to watch every character face their real fears ans frustrations in every episode and the songs... they’re amazing! the finale it’s the greatest episode from the whole series and i’m proud of how much ‘steven universe’ has made it’s name. loved it.
  • maniac (2018)
    • number of seasons: 1
    • seasons watched this month: 1st
    • ★★★★★; well, i loved it. emma stone and jonah hill are amazing actors and they deliver a marvelous work. the series itself is amazing too! the colour pallete of every specif environment really excites your brain and somewhat prepares you for what is to come. the secondary characters are loveable and each one has it’s quirkiness. the plot it’s amazing and wow... i just love it. thank you cary joji fukunaga for this masterpiece.


  • chilling adventures of sabrina (2018-2019)
    • number of seasons: 2
    • seasons watched this month: 2nd
    • ★★★★☆; i loved the first season of caos and this one was not as exciting and original as the first one. everything is very upfront and the problems have very little trouble getting solved. i still liked it, don’t get me wrong, but i wanted something more. maybe more complexity and you know, greater plots and more intelligent problem solving. the end of the last episode is in-cre-di-ble, love you, lilith.
jan 1 2019 ∞
apr 13 2019 +