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parker | they/them | im kin for the snowman in the bg of the akh afah amphitheatre

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i'm parker, or zi if you prefer! some older friends also know me by sora but dont call me this unless youre them please

  • 24
  • non-binary, they/them pronouns
  • white
  • i live on the surface of the fucking sun
  • probably hyperfocused on one very specific thing right now
  • lesbian
  • i tweet a LOT
  • i indirect at friends sometimes
  • i like to study languages so you may see me tweet in something that isnt english sometimes but i tend switch what language i study a lot because i have no attention span. it'll usually be german, spanish, or japanese, though. by no means am i even semi-fluent, either, so pleas bear with me
  • i work full-time at a gas station and tend to complain about it a lot
  • i am tired and anxious all of the time
  • thancredluver69
  • im kin but i dont take it seriously. my kin page got purged when i deleted my tumblr but the main one is parker from leverage

if my main twitter is currently locked, follow requests are okay! soft RTs are also okay!

jun 12 2017 ∞
mar 16 2019 +