• dave strider:

triggers: *********blood*********, *****the sound of a sword being unsheathed*****, *****brodave*****, **sudden loud noises**, **puppets**, *being called a puppet*, bro strider, katanas, r*pe, being called "pretty boy", yelling, self harm, suicide, people being mean to derrick, people being mean to davesprite

  • alois trancy:

triggers: pedophilia, claulois, r*pe, murder, self harm, suicide, being left alone, the dark, graphic descriptions of violence, being called spoiled/a slut/a brat

  • annabeth chase:

triggers: spiders, luke castellan, r*pe, self harm, all things lukabeth, people being mean to percy

  • aru akise:

triggers: *****static*****, being called a fag, murder, ***decapitation***, r*pe, sudden loud noises, yuno gasai

  • ayato kirishima:

triggers: "I have none."

  • bianca di angelo:

triggers: murder, r*pe

  • bill cipher:

who gives a fuck

  • chloe price:

triggers: being abandoned

  • cronus ampora:

triggers: water, drowning, porrim maryam, r*pe

  • alpha dave "ad" strider:

triggers: r*pe, self harm, gangs, suicide, sudden loud noises, gunshots

  • dirkswapped dave "dice" strider:

triggers: bro strider, decapitation, self harm, suicide

  • dipper pines:

triggers: r*pe, self harm, being called a pet, blood, people being mean to mabel, being called a puppet

  • draco malfoy:

triggers: sudden yelling, please dont yell at the boy, his father, just abusive parents/guardians in general, self harm, r*pe

  • equius zahhak:

triggers: murder, r*pe

  • gamzee makara:

triggers: r*pe, being accused of something he didnt do, nepeta leijon, self harm, suicide, gamnep in any quadrant

  • hal strider:

triggers: being called "fake dirk", being left alone

  • human hal strider:

triggers: his bro (whose name was dylan), r*pe, self harm, suicide (especially slitting wrists)

  • jade harley:

triggers: ***being called a dog or a pet***, r*pe, self harm, suicide, murder, ****being put in a cage****, being touched (with a few exceptions), davesprite x jade, gunshots

  • jake english:

triggers: ****r*pe, drowning****, ***caliborn***, zombies, sudden loud noises, ******the sea of love zombiestuck dirkjake animation******, gunshots, demon dirk strider, demon dave strider

  • jason "jd" dean:

triggers: *****explosions*****, ***gunshots***, murder, self harm, suicide

  • jonathan combs:

triggers: sock, self harm, suicide

  • kanaya maryam:

triggers: r*pe, self harm, suicide, being called a whore (especially a "pale whore")

  • karkat vantas:

triggers: sudden loud noises, davejohn, r*pe, suicide, self harm, zombies, being called a mutant or a freak

  • ken kaneki:

triggers: nothing

  • kyoya ootori:

triggers: suicide, self harm

  • lance mcclain:

triggers: being called a whore, suicide, self harm, r*pe

  • latula pyrope:

triggers: r*pe, kurloz makara, self harm, people being mean to mituna

  • leo valdez:

triggers: fire, gaea, being called a tool or an object

  • masaomi kida:

triggers: the yellow scarves, izaya, gangs in general, r*pe

  • matt holt:

triggers: "it doesn't really matter"

  • meulin leijon:

triggers: being called a whore, kurloz makara, r*pe, murder, kurloz x meulin (especially pitch but flushed is Not Good either)

  • michael mell:

triggers: r*pe, ***broken mirrors/the sound of breaking glass***, self harm, suicide, jennifer lawrence (lowkey), ******being called a loser******

  • nezumi:

triggers: ***fire***, people being mean to shion

  • richard "rich" goranski:

triggers: fire, abusive parents, r*pe, alcoholic fathers, suicide, self harm

  • rose egbert:

triggers: self harm, suicide, murder

  • sebastian michaelis:

triggers: sebaclaude, gaslighting, r*pe, self harm, suicide, committing seppuku (♣️It hurts)

  • shizuo heiwajima:

triggers: ***being called a monster***, izaya, people talking about his brother

  • sollux captor:

triggers: **unhealthy pitch relationships**,mind control, r*pe, self harm, suicide, murder, **blood** (****especially red****), vrissol in any quadrant, anorexia

  • takashi "shiro" shirogane:

triggers: ***being called a monster***, *forced medical testing*, **dark shiro**, self harm, suicide, blood, ***sudden loud noises***, **gladiator-style fighting**, shidge ("Because /ew/"), sendak, **haggar**, zarkon

  • thalia grace:

triggers: "nunya"

  • vriska serket:

triggers: pitch vrisradia, being called a bitch, r*pe, abusive relationships, self harm

  • will solace:

triggers: people hurting nico, the dark, being called an object or a monster, r*pe, self harm

  • yukiteru amano:

triggers: murder, when yuno kills people, yuno being portrayed as a monster

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