CAPRICORN + A rich and furrowed field

  • Capricorn, the final Earth sign, is the sign of substance. There’s a serious, responsible and business- like affiliation. Organizer of systems, durable and secure, it’s as basic as the earth itself, yet sensual and sophisticated.
  • Capricorn’s color is brown— tobacco and polished leather, a good cup of coffee and a rich, furrowed field.
  • every emotion is heavily scrutinised before being processed through a paper shredder. always going through something and no one can talk about it or it’ll push them off the edge. infinitely more accomplished than u. never knows what to do when someone’s having a breakdown. their idea of taking a risk is buying tissues from a different brand. probably thinks freeloading is the moral equivalent of armed robbery.
jan 5 2017 ∞
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