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black // ❝ be gentle with me, i'm more delicate than i look. ❞

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  • if you spread words like : ' all gays must die ' & your are anti lgbtq please don't talk to me.
  • if you tend to impose your opinion on others or forcing others to accept it then please stay away from me.
  • don't expect me to have pity of your soul if you attack me when i did nothing to deserve it.
  • if you send hate to my friends & beloved, i won't hesitate to protect them, making posts about how your behavior is wrong & how you shouldn't hide behind an " anon ".
  • i have a HUGE arachnophobia, please if you like spiders or anything like that, please don't talk to me about them. & if you try to prank me with pics & others stuff i won't hesitate to block you because you don't play with phobias or triggers of another human being.
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