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  • Freya Lilias Delphine
  • Robin Magnus Jack / Henry
  • Delphine Amalia Snow
  • Esmée Laelia Eve
  • Oscar Ambrose Fox
  • Ronan Alasdair Leo
  • Lorcan Oliver Kit
  • Ondine Lilias Eve
  • Anouk Ophelia Rose
  • Bram Alasdair Noble
  • Eulalie Primrose Jane
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jan 27 2019 +
user picture Dayton: Okay these are gorgeous, I'm jealous. I'd basically be listing every single name if I were to point out my favorites lol! dec 7 2018
user picture andrea: Thank you very much! :)
user picture Stariteller: These are so ethereal and beautiful! There's almost a breathless spookiness to them (in a lovely way). jan 12 2019
user picture andrea: What a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much! :) jan 16 2019