bts horror au! yall know about it ur mom know about it

jimin's a camboy kookie watches his videos one day they meet in class and kookie's fucked

yoongi is going to jikook's marriage but his phone dies and he doesn't know the address he ends up meeting tae without knowing they were supposed to meet in the first place and its love at first sight... rlly soft

they meet through tinder kookie's is the softest lil bean in the world and yoongi is dumb

yoongi is an uber driver and falls in love with hobi's sunshine smile when he picks him up at a party. IT IS JUST SO FUNNY AND PURE I LOVE IT

post-breakup!yoonkook they used to fight a lot so they broke up and stopped talking for 2 months so taehyung thought it would be a good idea to kidnap the two and go to jin's beach house. its okay i guess

I LOVED THIS so fwb vmin but like there's not much drama and forced angst and it's just so light and fun to read i love how tae is portraited and i can relate so much to jimin and his personality... i Cry

this was really heartwarming and I Feel yoongi on so many levels... tbh he's me talking about kookie. this fic is just so painfully beautiful and nice and fun i loved it.

ok so this was SAD. really i loved yoonkook's relationship and i loved kookie&vmin's friendship and all but SAAAD still really great read 10/10 would rec

THIS WAS SO SOFT AND HEARTWARMING AND FUN I LOVED IT SO MUCH AAA ok so i was a lil bit skeptical at first bc of the tags but i decided to take one for the team and trust minverse AND IT WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER. i love how vmin's relationship was build and i love tae's personality and how he discovered his sexuality and honestly, the whole welcoming atmosphere and the love they all had for each other was really nice to read and visualize. i loved it a whole lot pls read

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