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Kayra, Indonesia.
The thing that I do to keep track of my favorites. Does NOT contain all the entire fanfics exist! Only my fave ones!

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OT3 OT4 etc and crossover fics

Most favorites:

  • Lazy Saturday : It's sekai's day off and joonkitty needs a hand (or two) with his saturday heat. catboy!au, SEKAIHO!!!!FTW
  • Lazy days (sequel of lazy saturday) : sometimes jookitty writes things in his diary. I cant help this series is my lifetime favorite, joonkitty is so cute T.T
  • Touch this hair : Basically about joonmyeon's blond and sekaiho fanboying over it, it's bcoz either I am really smitten over sekaiho or this author is self proclaimed sekaiho president, her sekaiho fics are so painfully cute and all of them are my most favorites
  • Stray : Jongin and Sehun’s lives get turned upside down when they take home a stray cat hybrid. sukaiho, end game seho and kinda angst /sobs
  • Which the thirsty takes for water : Junmyeon's life is a disappointment to everyone around him. But when he meets a mysterious and seductive young man with a dark secret at a company party, he is taken on a whirlwind weekend of a lifetime. OT3, (four?? five??) Suho/Baekhyun, Suho/Sehun, Suho/Baekhyun/Sehun, end Suho/Chanyeol (????!!!!!!!)
  • Voyeuristic Intentions LJ link aff link : Jongin brings home Joonmyun for Kyungsoo. SUKAISOO!!!1!!!1!!1 FML

Listed alphabetically:

  • A Job Well Done : basically EXO's giants sandwiching tiny Suho krisyeoljun
  • Beautiful : It's almost Suho's birthday and his hyungs planned something for him wonhaeho, couldnt ask for more tbh and ofc with forever bottom suho
  • Bottoms Up : Joonmyun is Jongin and Sehun's next target. sekaiho
  • Celestial : Junmyeon fixes a lost bond by making another one. OT3 SeXingHo!!!!!!!
  • Close My Eyes And Fall Into You : Tao luxuriates. In a free day with the men he loves. The men he needs. SuTaoHun
  • Coffee, Sugar, and Cream : Baekhyun's habit to spoil Junmyeon rotten leads them to Minseok very unexpectedly. None of them are sorry for it. BaekXiuHo
  • Coming home : it's hard being mafia boss but Kim Joonmyeon's got two boys waiting at home to make him feel all better sekaiho
  • Connections, and how to (not) use them : some seniors from sm town suddenly come to exo and start fussing over suho... telling him to rest when he is sick and spoiling him.... ot12-ish unfinished :(
  • Cookie LJ link aff link : Joonmyun is his groupmates’ favorite when it comes to target practice. suho bukkake a.k.a sukkake, as mentioned by the author lol
  • Have A Little Faith : All it takes is a little faith. suho-centric, drabble
  • Housewarming : When Baekhyun goes over to welcome his new neighbors to the area one day, he stumbles upon what looks like a much too convenient, little surprise. WARNING : daddy!kink, BDSM, D/s, age-play, cross-dressing, exhibitionism, voyeurism, humiliation, breath-play, knife play, mild blood-play, plushophilia, partner lending, hinted gun-play
  • In The Dirt : Tao is in heat and Sehun isn't enough to satisfy him. sutaohun
  • Junmyeonie : Xiulayho, threesome. and no explanation needed. sequel : Junmyeonnie 2.0
  • Labels : Suho knew Kyungsoo liked him, and Kyungsoo knew Suho liked him. But they just couldn’t say it. And so they never got anywhere. That is, until Jongin showed up. sukaisoo
  • Leader Love : The maknae line seems so have taken a special interest in their Suho hyung. Junmyeon and maknaes, end game with Sehun! FTW!!!! alternative link
  • Let out the hamster : Exo as hamsters!!! Where Jongdae figures out a way to get out of their fhe and their poor owner has to spend all afternoon hunting down the cute balls of fluff >~< ot12-ish
  • Let's Make A Night (just you, you, and I) : “You’re such a cutie,” Jongdae says instead, smiling that kitty cat smile at him. “This almost feels like a drama plot; two men walk into a convenience store and meet the most breathtaking boy to ever exist.”The red head bursts into laughter, the sound bubbly and refreshing like a long swig of lemonade on a hot summer day. “Do the two men also fall in love at first sight or what?” he teases Jongdae, who snorts into his cup of noodles. "I don't know, Baekhyun. Did you?" OT3 BaekChenHo
  • No Church in the Wild : Zitao is allowed his playmates, his indulgences SuTaoHun
  • Of sandcastles and strawberry ice-creams : wufan and jongin fight over their favorite playmate, joonmyun. kriskaiho
  • Open Arms : "just-" he hesitates, taking a few shaky, deep breaths. "i feel like i'm doing something wrong." Jonghyun-Suho
  • Put It In Me : Suho got a piercing sukaihun, forever bottom!suho
  • The Art of Bluffing : Kris and Chanyeol’s noisy fucking is driving Joonmyun crazy krisyeoljun, kaiho
  • The Heart Want What It Wants : These touches—these encounters—are so few and far between SuTaoHun
  • The nutella man : sehun's misconceptions about himself and his unrequited love for Junmyeon, combined with Jongin dan Chanyeol's dumb ideas, leads to all sorts of things sukaiho, kinda
  • This is as good as it's going to get Principal Joonmyeon just needs to relax. Suho gangbang /smirks/
  • Thunder : Kim Junmyeon and Kim Jongdae keep meeting during storms. Junmyeon does his best to ignore the attraction there, with exactly zero help from his roommate Byun Baekhyun. With Jongdae sniffing around the two of them more often, it's only a matter of time before they find themselves tangled together and trying to sort it all out. OT3 Baekchenho with Junmyeon crossdressing hehe
  • Uncontrollably You : For once, Sehun and Zitao try to take the lead. sutaohun
  • Wait Your Turn : It's a beautiful kind of torture SuTaoHun
  • We Are One In You : Junmyeon needs to feel loved every once in a while gangbang!!!!
  • When coffee and gentleman's agreements aren't just enough : Kim Jongin is a highschool student who had crush on Kim Joonmyeon,a pretty guy who is working as a part-timer at a cafe near his school.Later,he found out that this classmate/forever-rival,Sehun had made his step ahead to Joonmyeon and the war to get Joonmyeon's attention started.Much to their surprise to find their pretty hyung is making out with their strict/bitch-face english teacher kaiho, seho, end game krisho
  • You're Driving Me Crazy : Kyuhyun gets a bit more than what he expected for his birthday. Kyuhyun-Suho
  • You Can Be The Boss : Daddy likes to be on the bottom sometimes, but that doesn't mean he loses control. XiuHoBaek with power bottom suho fml
  • You make me feel good : Tao stumbles upon Kris and Suho having sex. He stays and watches while getting himself off. He starts paying more attention to the two and eventually he's caught. To his surprise Kris and Suho offer to let him join. unfinished or idk if this will ever be finished, krishotao, ugh hard to pronounce but whatever
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