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Kayra, Indonesia.
The thing that I do to keep track of my favorites. Does NOT contain all the entire fanfics exist! Only my fave ones!

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  • Raise Your Expectations : in the heat of summer, chanyeol walks in, and joonmyun starts to wake up. My lifetime favorite
  • Vampires Will Never Hurt You (I Promise) : For a vampire, Joonmyun kind of sucks.
  • This Side Up : Joonmyun is woefully single and Jongin just can't stop meddling.
  • * Roads Untravelled : Helping Junmyeon, a beautiful slave, escape his owner and flee from Lost Seoul to Busan perimeter was supposed to be a simple job that would make Chanyeol rich, and finally give him the means to settle down. Things couldn't go more terribly wrong.

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  • A Leader's Touch : Exo-K’s leader Chanyeol is always so kind and caring; it’s no wonder Joonmyun fell for him. EXO!AU
  • A thousand wishes on a meteor shower : This year, they celebrate Christmas like ordinary people.
  • And then we'll be okay : Professor Park is so hot, he has students flirting with him left and right. Teacher-Student!au with girl!Junmyeon
  • Breathe, We'll Be Okay : In a mission to prove to the world that he can be imperfect and messed up, Junmyeon actually messes everything up.
  • Butterbeer And Broomsticks : HP AU! Joonmyun is trying to focus on his end of years NEWTs but a certain Gryffindor Beater seems determined to distract him.
  • Calling at Work : Joonmyeon, the beautiful black jaguar hybrid, is in heat and calls Chanyeol at work. sassy jaguar Joonie
  • Cold as Ice : They say those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Joonmyun knows Arendelle's history but unfortunately he can't stop himself from making the same mistakes. Frozen!AU
  • Counting stars on the ceiling : The emotions he's been holding back for so long are brimming at the surface, like liquid reaching the brink and slowly trickling down the glass.
  • For a Thousand Years : Chanyeol has witnessed the rise and fall of all kingdoms in Korean history, has watched the millennia change with his own eyes, but nothing has prepared him for meeting prince Junmyeon in the unfortunate year of 1762. YeolJun histocrical!au feat sci-fi ;A;
  • Got Me Spinnin' 'Round and 'Round : Chanyeol is a small town firefighter who has always dreamed of being a hero. When his chance finally comes though, he’s totally unprepared for what’s at stake. QEWT
  • Home is Where the Heart is : Chanyeol finds himself attracted to someone who came in to the daycare. But the guy is signing up his kid, and he’s not sure that he should be falling in love with him.
  • Intervention : Joonmyeon is too shy to ask the daycare teacher out, continually rehearsing in front of the mirror until his son intervenes.
  • Korea University Wins : Chanyeol and Joonmyun are not friends, particularly due to going to separate universities and being forcibly tied together by mutual friends. But then something awful nearly happens and Joonmyun realizes Chanyeol’s not such an awful person after all.
  • Let Home Find You : "Being old and not adopted doesn't mean that no one likes you, it's just because the right person hasn't found you yet." The wise words of his best friend echoed in his ears as the large hand petted his head gently, a wide grin plastered on the handsome face of the man in front of him. Catboy!Junmyeon
  • Liar, Liar : Having spent a large part of his life conning other women to make a living, Chanyeol had perfected his lying technique – so much so that he didn’t even realise he was lying to himself.
  • Like a permanent stain : Chanyeol learns that being a hopeless romantic in a hookup culture is a special kind of hell.
  • Setting the seas ablaze : Junmyeon’s life as a pirate is all sailing and treasure hunting, but then he meets Chanyeol and goes for an expedition that will turn his life upside down.
  • Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want : A nasty writer's block means lack of inspiration, a subpar first draft, and emotional baggage littered all over Joonmyun's living room. Chanyeol helps him take out the trash.
  • PUPpy Love : Chanyeol buys a program as a new way to organize his life and it comes in the form of an adorable little man that hangs out on the desktop of his computer.
  • Room 1-02 : Domestic!au. Chanyeol loves Junmyeon too much and is too possessive to even let Junmyeon out of his sight. He joins him to be a kindergarten teacher even though he despises children. To his dismay, Junmyeon was not happy about that idea, but follows through with it. The only thing that Chanyeol should know is that children are much more possessive than him.
  • Shade of Jade : Chanyeol didn't ask for this, just like he didn't ask to be gravely injured and mistaken for a prince 还珠格格! Wu xia Au LIKE THAT'S MY CHILDHOOD DRAMA?!?!?!?!? I GROW UP TOGETHER WITH XIAO YANZI, tho im not as old as her, but still. but this is discontinued, I guess, since the author havent updated for years now orz
  • Shared Scar : dystopian!au. They stand, as they do on every night of the anniversary of That Day, in their measly one room apartment that feels as if it's going to fall apart at any given moment.
  • The Perfect Neighbour : Junmyeon gets stood up by best friends Jongin and Kyungsoo and their next-door neighbor Chanyeol comes to his rescue. Written by my favorite author
  • To Our Sweet Escape : Sometimes Junmyeon wants to run away. Chanyeol is Junmyeon's break from reality.
  • Untitled : Suho has been long seeking for a safe place where he can lean on and close his eyes and just forget about the world heaved on his shoulders. The place turns out to be Chanyeol.
  • Welcome to the Rodeo : Chanyeol has spent the past few years doing nothing but partying and getting high. When his parents finally catch on to how bad his drug habit is, they send him away to his grandmother's farm for the summer before he starts college, hoping it will help him kick his habit. Chanyeol expects nothing good to come from this summer, until he meets Junmyeon, a cute boy his grandmother hires to help out on the farm.
  • When The Angels Go Home : Junmyeon feels… utterly terrified. He’s always been quite… puny and weak so he’s never been out in the woods that much. Now when he’s supposed to live in the woods, he really doesn’t know how to feel.
  • 5:5 : New pledge brother Park Chanyeol beats president Kim ‘Suho’ Joonmyun at beer pong.
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