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  • Camera (Shy) : Jongin is suho's biggest fan, but strangely enough, he finds deceptively mild-mannered joonmyun even more intriguing. My lifetime favorite
  • Back To You : Jongin’s been in love with his best friend Suho for a long time now, and when Jongin accidentally confesses his feelings, there’s no turning back. Written by my favorite author
  • If i get to your heart soon, i’ll call a perfect afternoon : Hugs are supposed to calm one's troubled soul, but for some reason Jongin's warm hugs just keep making Joonmyun's heart race in his chest. THIS IS NOT ONLY ABOUT FICTION, THIS IS ABOUT HUMANITY AND ART. next list in my lifetime favorite
  • Can I Say I Love You? : Jongin doesn’t exactly know how his unexpected night with a male escort was supposed to turn out, but he never thought it would lead him here. next list in my lifetime favorite

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  • A Little Magic Goes A Long Way : Joonmyun tries out a mysterious spell that he finds scribbled inside one of the books in the library and gets some unexpected results. Harry Potter!AU
  • A Proper Thanks : Suho is tired after a day of trailing after Jongin.
  • Accidentally Okay : weddings aren't really joonmyun's cup of tea, considering some accident involving him always happens when he's at one.
  • All in a Day's Work aff link : Having an assistant like Joonmyun is the best thing that has ever happened to Jongin.
  • Ambrosia On Your Lips : Kai's guilty pleasure is licking Suho's slim waist.
  • And when I look at you, I only see blue : Junmyeon often thought of his childhood friend, Jongin. Kai was the weird guy sleeping next to him in class.
  • Another Fairytale : Junmyeon finds himself meeting the same person at different times, but he can never remember his name.
  • Aquarius : Kaiho halloween fic, sexting!
  • Chain me (to you) : Mafia boss Jongin gets (twin) trophy pets. YES for mafia boss!Jongin and TWINCEST SUHO-JOONMYEON
  • Chasing After The Shadows Of Yesterdays : Thirty-three is too old of an age to lose the love of your life. RECCOMMENDED, Bittersweet KaiHo with past KyungMyeon /sobs my KyungMyeon/
  • Cocksure : Kyungsoo spanks Joonmyun with a balloon on a live stage. Joonmyun gets hard. Kyungsoo will never let him live this down. Cue Jongin to the rescue. Well, I say rescue.
  • Dancing with dreams : Jongin is clueless about his feelings.
  • Dont Be Scared And Let Out The Beast : Joonmyun was always warned that there were monsters in the woods behind the school, but he thought they were just tales his friends made up to scare him. They weren’t.
  • Eskimo kissess : when little jongin gets lost only suho hyung can makes hings better written by my favorite author, BTY series
  • Feels Like Magic (When I’m Next to You) : Kim Joonmyun, seventh year Water Mage at the Scholomance School of Magic, needs to summon a Familiar — a magical other half — before his graduation exams. The Familiar he summons, however, is not quite what everyone expects.
  • Friends? : For the first time since 1978, The shrieking shack has become active again ... and Jongin isn't really buying the whole 'haunted by ghost thing' HP!AU
  • Expiry : death is the sudden stop, the pull into the void, the slow disintegration of your life into dust and ashes. it is the inexplicable emptiness that leaves you suspended in a spiderweb — only there are no strands of silk. there is nothing. ANGST WITH EVERYONE DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!k.bye/sobs
  • Good Clean Fun : Joonmyun's a good girl, but everyone's gotta get a little bad sometimes. Girl!Junmyeon
  • Guardian : They spoke of him as though he were nothing more than a treasure found by the roadside. He bowed to his new master because it was polite, and because he knew of nothing else he could do. Really really really I mean really Good
  • Happy Birthday Suho : Not really about Junmyeon's birthday, but this is written for Junmyeon's birthday. So qewt I cant
  • Heart Vacancy : Bookstore owner Junmyeon hires catboy Jongin as a live-in shop assistant. Written by my favorite author Catboy!au
  • Holding Hands : It hits so sudden and Junmyeon has no idea where it comes from. But he really, really, wants to hold someone’s hand. SO CUTE
  • Home : Catboy!Jongin is insecure and without a home, and Joonmyun is able to help.
  • Home is where the heart is (and where pants are optional) : living with jongin is better than junmyeon could've ever imagined.
  • Ice cream man : Jongin has fallen in love with the ice cream man
  • If I Lie Here If I Just Lie Here : With the increasing number of death threats thrown at Joonmyun, Baekhyun decides to hire a bodyguard. Interestingly enough, Joonmyun picks the most unlikely candidate — Kim Jongin. PREPARE TISSUE AND A LOT OF CANDY TO CHEER YOU UP AFTER YOU READ THIS!!!!!
  • Internet sensation : Jongin's mom always warned him to never give out information online but he thought it was because of stranger danger; not because of the possibility of falling in love.
  • Just Pretend : The prospect earning money for doing nothing would have certainly thrilled him, if he’d been facing down one slightly grumpy version of himself in a hotel room. prostitute Kai with customer Junmyeon
  • Just Say When : The story of how Kim Jongin goes from a lazy, socially awkward teenager with the world's worst best friends, to a lazy, socially awkward teenager with the world's worst best friends and a hot boyfriend.
  • Kim Jongin 2.0 : Jongin moves to Seoul, looking for an internship and a shot at success. He gets a shot at love instead when Joonmyun enters the picture
  • Kiss me (like you mean it) : Maybe junmyeon has a bubblegum fetish. maybe all he has is a crush.
  • Liminal Space : Junmyeon is fifteen years old the first time he wants to kill someone. Angst! but not really????......
  • Losing connection : Kai isn't nice to his lover angst T.T
  • Love More Than Your Heart um pwp but insecure Junmyeon and ideal boyfie Jongin is...../weeps/
  • Maps : Jongin, the newest flight attendant of one of the most prestigious airlines of South Korea, tries to deal with his hidden feelings towards one the pilots, Captain Junmyeon.
  • Mr. Brightside : Being as in love with you as I am, you make me feel like I've been locked out of heaven for too long ANGST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DAMN
  • Pacing is key : Coffee Shop! au where Suho is the blushing cashier and Jongin is the rebellious bum of some sorts that spends most of his time pestering the older to date him
  • Peace of mind : College!AU where Joonmyun falls hopelessly for his best friend Jongdae's housemate Jongin, and has a penchant for overstaying his welcome as a result. written by my favorite author
  • Raindrops : A long time ago, scared-of-the-rain wolf pup Joonmyun faced his fears on a stormy night to cross camp to the alpha's den to curl up against actually-a-big-softie alpha Jongin. Now, Jongin has to face his fears and cross the camp to claim the much younger wolf. As always, a fic made of gold wolf!au
  • Re-offender : Suho tries not to treat Kai differently because they are dating, but fails. The members start to notice. Kai rubs it in their faces. Suho decides he has to do something before Dorm War III breaks out. exoprompt meme
  • Resident Behavior : Hospital!AU Pediatrician!Suho with intern resident!Kai
  • Second Chances : You never get over losing your best friend. Especially if he also happens to be your first love. Written by my favorite author
  • Shades of Pale : In which Joonmyun is the customer from hell and Jongin is the waiter who always keeps his cool. That is until Joonmyun decides to take matters into his own hands and make Jongin lose his cool for good. Written by my favorite author
  • Sharing is Caring : “My sense of adventure doesn’t normally include sleeping with my brother’s boyfriend.”
  • Side By Side : Joonmyun meets kim jongin when he is seven years old.
  • Sing Me A Lullaby : Jongin likes being the middle child. He gets away with things more easily than either of his siblings and doesn't have stellar expectations he needs to live up to. Sometimes, however, Jongin hates being the middle child. So qewt I cant
  • Sizzle : A year into being with SM Entertainment, Joonmyun meets Jongin. Three years into his life as a trainee, nothing much has changed.
  • So i’ll raise a morphine toast; 悲劇 : mor•phine toast |ˈmôrˌfēn tōst | - a fusion of pain and happiness, the perfect drink to nurse aching hearts
  • Someday : Tsundere Kai with in-love Suho. Suho trying to leave Kai alone and seeing other people. Kai realising he must overcome his feelings.
  • Stay With Me : Jongin gets a surprise when he comes home to a blast from the past.
  • Subtle Darkness : Darkness swallows him alive, sucking the air around him. Darkness is his bigger fear. Until Kai touches his life. Angst
  • Surely it should never, ever ends : It takes Joonmyeon a long time to realise that he’s miserable, that there’s more to life than he assumes. It takes Jongin to fix it; all-encompassing, unconditional, and always faintly rose scented. SO BEAUTIFUL
  • Sweater Weather : Suho's sweater has holes and Jongin likes them Written by my favorite author, a side story to Back To You
  • Take me : Only on a full moon does Junmyun not mind his apartment being intruded. wolf!au with alpha Jongin I cried this is beautiful this is the prequel and I cried again this is as beautiful as the first story
  • The Art of Denial : Kai doesn't like or love Suho so in the 'like love' way, I mean, why would he? But that doesn't mean he'll let his hyung get into a relationship without his approval (Basically in denial Kai and clueless Suho)
  • The Closer you get the harder I fall : Junmyeon had a dead-end crush on his best friend"s older brother, Jongin for years. Things get complicated when they end up as roommates.
  • The delinquent : Junmyeon is a deliquent with a thing for his shy neighbour jongin who plays the violin like an angel written by my favorite author
  • The Howling Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V : This is the very first wolf!au that I've read, the authors made these series even before Wolf was released, So when EXO released their song Wolf I Feel like congratulating the authors but too bad I dont have account /cries/ and I feel like that song is actually made for the OST of these series lol that's how much I LOVE these series
  • The Second Of November : Memories are a funny thing, aren't they? They make up someone's entire identity but could be lost in an instant without any warning. Memories are what make someone different from another. Imagine losing an extremely important memory. What would that do to someone?. WARNING: PREPARE A LOT OF TISSUE K BYE
  • Too pink to handle : canon fic where jongin cant keep his hands off junmyeon on national television. also jongin's lips and hair are too pink for junmyeon to handle
  • Towel Boy : Joonmyun knows he's only a summer fling.
  • Umbrella Crush : Jongin gets caught in the rain on his way home from the studio.
  • Untitled : the author said this is unfinished, fake dating!au
  • Untitled : This kiss isn’t like their first kiss. This kiss is rough with their tongues sliding against each other and hands clutching fabric desperately. drabble
  • Untitled : Suho subconsciously being a tease and seducing Kris, while Kris tries not to take advantage of an oblivious/innocent Suho.
  • Used to : "I see the way you look at him. I know because you used to look at me that way." fill on exoprompt meme
  • Very Merry : Joonmyun wakes up to a good thing on xmas morning.
  • Warm Me Up : Junmyeon does the ice bucket challenge and Jongin tries to warm him up after Written by my favorite author
  • When Love Steals In : When Jongin helps his shy roommate Joonmyun to go blind dates, he realizes that he wants to be the only guy she dates. Joonmyun's younger brother Sehun and her best friend girl!Chanyeol try to help. Written by my favorite author girl!Junmyeon I'm not really into girl!fic but ....
  • When you're holding me we make a pair of parentheses : Jungin familiarizes herself with jealousy, and Joonmi assures her that she’s the only person for her. girl!kaiho
  • Wherever My Heart Touches (Wherever That Is), I Will Go : Jongin and Minseok are childhood friends who have married, yet have become awkward around each other. Tao visits, and changes their relationship completely.
  • While You Slept, I Fell In Love : Jongin spends his days in a booth selling train tickets and dreams of the day when he’ll buy one and travel himself. He also dreams of the handsome stranger who comes by every Tuesday at 7am.
  • Whimsical : Joonmyun dealing with Jongin.
  • Who says boys cant knit : Junmyeon decides he wants to learn how to knit and the boy at the bookshop offers to help written by my favorite author
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