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te amo como se aman ciertas cosas oscuras.
secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.

birden follows:
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    • hole
  • women, children, prison, night, screams, fall, betrayal.
    • horizon
  • spaghetti, fat, blood, neck, tablecloth, bald, run.
    • blood
  • despair, woman, tears, morning, tv, killer, outsider.
    • green
  • spiders, hair, long, dark, mystery, wood, house, ruins.
    • indigo
  • escape, boy, girl, chains, feet, persecution.
    • village
  • mist, ship, harbor, questions, neglect.
    • bad
  • boy, young, dog, white, indulgence.
    • paradise
  • sand, dirt, people, phones, hoist, wire, sunburn.
    • black
  • town, sea, curse, ominous, nothing.
    • cinema
  • sick, bed, it seemed like a movie.
    • sunset
  • walk, city, afternoon, warm, pink.
    • bewilderment
  • something, blood, burial, growth, garden.
    • acquaintance
  • boy, walk, house, far, baby, greeting, discomfort
    • student
  • college, people, rush, late, misrepresentation, class, forest
    • gallery
  • welter, art, bathroom, light, clean, man, touch, hand, shyness
    • grade
  • mess, wheelchair, famous, uma, clothes, bag, backpack, chairs, tables, late, nuisance
    • the first: bahamas
  • ship, cascade, island, cottage, friends, run, houses, balloons, boredom
    • the second: night
  • restaurant, crowd, dinner, hall, immigrant, questions, buffalo
    • the third: garden
  • painting, ground, mother, sister, correction, laugh
    • new era
  • walls, boredom, waiting, bad jokes, yellow light, green
    • outsider
  • estranged, difference, group, fight, blood, neck, hack, water, hours, bridge, escape, truck, accident, end, again, knowledge, break
    • gray
  • road, mountain, father, back, sorrow, pitiable, rain
    • cthulhu
  • boy, crush, drawing, classroom, clear, blue, bathroom, path, violet, pixel
    • dream
  • bed, room, noise, metal, dump, recording, awakening, bed room, noise, water, awakening, bed, room, noise, water, dishes, neighbors, awakening, bed, room, someone, numb, fear, awakening, bed, room, jump, blackout, cellphone, run, room, mom, niece, window, dad, lights, reek, nonsense, awakening
    • hotel
  • faded, sweater, towel, yellow, pink, jewelry, hallways, woman, curiosity, fulfillment
    • house
  • stairs, flirt, indigo, older, neighbors, the kill, prophecy, aunt, cousin, road, night_
    • dream1: grey
  • hotel, sea, vacation, boredom
    • dream2: sepia
  • college, papers, fail, corridors, dust, light
    • dream3: green
  • film, shadows, hand, neck, epilepsy, fat, surgery, girl
    • intruder
  • nephew, night, rocks, dirt, house, intruder, room, black, three, again
    • store
  • hanging, bed, corridor, grey, store, books, shoes, people, lights, mp3
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