• Pigeons aren't afraid of anything, they stand on electrical wires! -Mitchell, Modern Family
  • "I'm sort of like Costco. I'm big, I'm not fancy and I dare you not to like me." Cameron, Modern Family
  • Spongebob: What do you usually do when I’m gone? Patrick: Wait for you to come back.
  • people are always going to talk you might as well give them something good to talk about
  • voy a ser la brisa en tu espalda no quien te escupa en la frente
  • Chin up. Put your shoulders back, walk proud, strut a little. Don't lick your wounds: celebrate them. The scars you bear are the signs of a competitor. You're in a lion fight. Just because you didn't win doesn't mean you don't know how to roar. - on Grey's Anatomy. (Richard to Izzy)
  • "The opposite of love is indifference, if you hate me, then you still care.." - -Desperate Housewives
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