Do You? by julyfix

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: An old flame decides to ring up celebrity model Yifan and let him know that, well, he’s a father. Said kid is about to stay with him for three months. Yifan doesn’t know the first thing about parenting. All things considered, he doesn’t do much parenting, anyway.

Crave by julyfix

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Jongin craves Yifan.

(Go On, Believe) If It Turns You On by loudestoflove/riots

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Escort!AU
  • Summary: Kai's newest client brings old feelings rushing back, but this is just a job, and Jongin will have to remember that if he wants to keep his heart safe.

Almost In Love by thesockmonster

  • Rating: NC17
  • Summary: CollegeAU! Wufan strays off his beaten path and falls for an indifferent Jongin.

PS. I’m Stupid by arodwen

  • Rating: PG
  • Summary: Yifan’s a plastic surgeon trying to woo Jongin, his nurse, in all the wrong ways. Jongdae doesn’t really help.

Polaroid Dreams by thesockmonster

  • Rating: NC17
  • Warnings: abo au, knotting
  • Summary: Kris is the face of the modern alpha.

Delectable II by animalism

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: There are some things Kris just can't help being bad at. Like expressing his own feelings. And apologising
  • typical cheesy fic, BUT I LOVE CHEESE.

Lazy Morning by thesockmonster

  • Rating: PG13
  • Summary: Wufan doesn't need the perfect setting for a proposal.

Baby, You're My Style by riots

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: for the prompt 'secretly a virgin kris ft 'wishes-he-was-assertive' kai'.

Day 6 | Autumn by bookishvice

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: It’s October 31st, the highlight of quiet and comfy autumn. A night for parties, dancing, and celebrations of a holiday not many fully appreciate.

Here in your arms by tatoeba

  • Rating: G
  • Summary:Yifan returns to Korea.

I love you By pixelpop

  • Rating: G
  • Summary: kai is the smoking neighbor at the end of the hall, kris is the guy that drinks too much. Love is playing pretend. The best kind

an act of celebration by daestruct

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: The sex isn't the reason Jongin stays, but it sure doesn't hurt.

Fire Escape by junxouji

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: It was an understatement to say they didn't just belong together. They came from two entirely different worlds.
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