The Thin Line Between (Taijitu) by maayacola

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Jongin’s always had people he likes best. Chanyeol’s pretty sure he’s never going to be one of those people

Off the Runway by tatoeba

  • Rating: NC-17, models!AU
  • Summary: When Jongin meets Chanyeol at a runway show he doesn’t expect it to make his life suddenly more complicated. (or, kaiyeol are stupid and have a lot of sex. >_>)

Lilies Spray Painted Metal by g_odalisque13

  • Rating:NC-17
  • Summary: Doing what she has to do to pay the bills, Jongin’s entire life is a choreographed dance that she doesn’t know how to stop.

Helplessly Hoping by drainbamage954

  • Rating: PG-15
  • Summary: Reality is in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes it takes another person to open those eyes and finally see the world in full spectrum.

The Heart Where I Have Roots by curledupkitten

  • Rating: PG13
  • Summary: Jongin hadn’t realized what Chanyeol would give up for them both to be happy.

Even Angels Cry by wolhee

  • Rating: R, angel!au
  • Summary: There is a saying that angels only cry when they lose their wings.

Breakeven by berryboys

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Sleeping with his ex, and on top of that, when Chanyeol was still in love with him, should be on the list of the worst self-damaging decisions he has made so far.

(these hands are) yours to hold by wolhee

  • Rating: PG-13, mindreader!au
  • Summary: Jongin sees through the palms of his hands and Chanyeol shows him the world.
  • Oh. My. God. this fic is so cute, you have to read it.

'Til The Morning Sun You're Mine

  • Rating: NC17
  • Summary: Jongin had expected a boring summer helping out at his parents' guest house that they rent out to tourists from all over the world. His mother forgets to tell him about the tall, gangly guy who doesn't like to wear sleeves.

Unfaithful by bottomnini

  • Rating: R
  • Summary: Jongin's not so happily married. He married Chanyeol young, and had kids before he was ready. Before Jongin knows it his life isn't his own. Pushing down his own feelings, Jongin makes a mistake that will change his life forever- maybe for the better.
  • I really love this fic but turns out this it's plagiarized from Supernatural fandom. If you still want to read the original, here is the link. I promise you, this is great.

Touch Me Like You Do (What are you waiting for?) by singilu

  • Rating: NC-17
  • Summary: Chanyeol's crush gets complicated when he finds Jongin's home made videos on Baekhyun's favorite porn site

Honey, come set me free by chajatta

  • Rating: R
  • Underwear Model AU
  • Summary:Without the lights and the makeup and the skimpy clothes, Jongin is just an ordinary guy with all the ordinary hang ups (that is if crippling shyness and anxiety count as ordinary)

Dedication by strange-seas

  • Rating: PG-13
  • writer!au, ballet!au
  • Summary: Heartbroken Park Chanyeol is struggling with writer's block when he meets a magnetic young dancer on the mend.

A hopeless romantic By Caterplina

  • Rating: G
  • Warning: Girl!Jongin
  • Summary: This is the story of how Chanyeol scores a date with his crush, Jungin, and later manages to get a second one.

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